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The Clean Beauty Movement Is Here! “Clean Hair Color” is the new personal care trend for 2021!

5 easy tips to achieve your own 2021 clean hair color trend by No Fade Fresh color expert Jennifer Hittle.

Makeup for your hair!

Why let your makeup have all the fun this Spring add dimension to your hair color too. Whether it is chunky or subtle highlights, nuances of light and dark shades, or rooted hair like Billie Elish or Due Lipa.  Think of it as contour for your hair, add some Buttercream to those locks. Make sure you use a good conditioning mask to keep it fresh!

Roll down the windows and blast the music!

Festival season might be on hold this spring but your festival hair, shouldn’t be. Embrace that Light Pink or Lavender colors like Kelly Osborne, Maluma, Shakira, and Katy Perry! Pastels are making a big scene this spring. So easily achieved on bleached hair with No Fade Fresh shampoo and conditioner.

It’s going to be a fiery Spring!

Reds will be hot on the scene for spring with multiple tones of Cinnamon, copper ginger, auburn, and honey. Turn up the heat with these beautiful hues just like Taraji P. Henson and Rihanna.

Hello Sun-Kissed Color.

Sandy Blonde is the most gorgeous color emerging from winter. 

Think gorgeous beach and sun-kissed hair. Aptly named Sand Tropez, we have our passports ready for this one. A perfect color care trend for this spring is Natural Blonde. To achieve the perfect sun-kissed color trend like Margot Robbie or Reese Witherspoon pick up No Fade Fresh Natural Blonde color depositing shampoo and conditioner, it can help to maintain your salon fresh color or give you this gorgeous tone in the comfort of your own home. 

Say Goodbye To Cool Tones!

Say goodbye to the cool tones of winter along with those ashy blonde and mushroom browns. Warm tones are having their moment to shine. Think rich chocolate, warm toffee, sweet honey, and sunshine. These tones are all so easily attained with any vegan, plant-based color depositing shampoo.

More about hair color depositing hair shampoo and conditioner:

Hair dyes are among the most thoroughly assessed and internationally regulated cosmetic products on the market. However, dyes that are used in textiles and other industries can be found in products on the retail shelves and websites. “Dirty Dyes” are dyes that do not have safety dossiers for safe use on humans. If the data does not exist, the risk is unknown.