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Dr. Gaurav Goswami: Regenerating the World One Cell at a Time

Dr. Gaurav K. Goswami is a California-based surgeon, radiologist and minimally invasive specialist. He is one of the few physicians in the world certified by the American Board of Regenerative Medicine and has spent the last decade developing protocols in advanced regenerative treatments.

When speaking on what led Dr. Goswami down the path of medicine he said, “At the cost of sounding cliché, the ability to serve others has always been the driving force for practicing medicine.” Dr.Goswami specializes in advanced minimally invasive treatments with a special focus on treating sports-related injuries, through cell therapy. Dr. Goswami states “There is an athlete in all of us, people are looking to stay active longer, but drugs, steroids and surgery could possibly be counterproductive. I reached a point where I felt mainstream medicine was not helping people. He goes on to say, “There were still a lot of redundancies and conditions, especially from just general wear and tear of our joints and muscles. That led to reinventing myself within the profession and applying treatments that support regeneration and repair instead of just suppressing the symptoms.”

Cell Therapy Journey

The journey to cell therapy itself began through his research and work with athletic injuries. At that time several pro-athletes were traveling to Germany and Japan and being exposed to cell-based treatments. That further piqued Dr.Goswami’s interest and made him look more into exactly how he could better manage his patients. “When it comes to cell therapy there are a lot of gray areas and some questionable treatments, at the same time there is some great work being done, where we are focusing more on naturally healing damaged tissues,” Goswami states.

The Goswami Clinic

Dr. Goswami receiving the IFAH award

The Goswami Clinic based in Newport Beach, California specializes in cell therapy and regenerative treatments with a focus on education. Dr.Goswami explains, “We try to educate people because the field itself is very new. The word ‘stem cell’ gets overused and commercialized and can cause confusion in the mind of the patients.” The doctor goes on to say, “Preliminary clinical studies show promise where we can utilize our own cells to help repair damaged areas in order to help heal disease or injury. However, more research is required”

What Are Stem Cells?

Stem cells, by definition, are the body’s raw materials — cells from which all other cells with specialized functions develop. They can be administered in different ways: Intravenous (IV) administration, intrathecal (directly into the spinal canal) or direct injections into problem areas (knee, hips, hands, etc.). Essentially, stem cells can be used to cure many diseases or conditions that may otherwise take twice as long or potentially not heal at all.

Despite documented instances of cell treatments providing positive results, it may not be for everyone for a variety of reasons. First, there is a lack of standardized protocol on how each treatment is performed, next the quality of cells depends on associated conditions a person may have. Finally, everyone’s capacity to heal is different. Even a tablet of Tylenol does not work for everyone! One of the great things about Dr. Goswami’s office is whether you are a candidate for cell treatment or not, their goal is to steer you in the right direction with the most appropriate treatment for your particular condition.

The Stem Cell Cure

Paul De Gelder and Dr. Goswami with a copy of The Stem Cell Cure

Dr. Goswami recently co-authored The Stem Cell Cure, an accessible and informative book with motivational business speaker Kerry Johnson, who is also one of his patients. When Kerry first met Dr.Goswami, he had spent years living with nagging back pain unable to find any effective treatment. After Kerry saw relief with cell-based therapies he wanted to help spread the message and educate patients who may have lost hope. Kerry became the driving force behind The Stem Cell Cure

The book has been well received; Dr. Goswami stated “I felt a sense of satisfaction in my heart because the book has served its purpose, which was to raise curiosity and awareness towards stem cells.”

Our Body Is Our Pharmacy

In the end, we are moving towards an era where our body will be our pharmacy. Our own cells can help us heal. Dr. Goswami states that the most important message is for all of us to take care of our health. If our cells are healthy not only does our risk of falling sick decreases but also if we do need help our own cells can be used!

Whether it’s treating notables like Kerry Johnson or Naval diver and shark attack survivor Paul De Gelder, Dr. Goswami is simply happy for each day of life. There may be another book in his future, but right now, the good doctor is thankful for each day and grateful to be in a position where he can educate the world on the wonders of regeneration.