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Peter Facinelli and Anne Heche Reunite for the Premier Issue of Gurus Magazine

Style guru and media savant Derek Warburton had launched his latest venture, Gurus Magazine, which highlights those breaking new ground or are excelling in their respective industries. The premiere issue of Gurus features actor, writer and director Peter Facinelli and Emmy Award-winning actress Anne Heche on the dual cover. The two actors have reunited for the action-packed mystery 13 Minutes after the success of The Vanished, which reached number two on Netflix.

Warburton launched Gurus with three words in mind: truth, authenticity and passion. When it came to why he chose Heche and Facinelli for the debut cover he states, “They both encapsulate the meaning of “Guru.” They live their lives in passion, producing authentic work and always look for the truth within their work.”

Heche, who plays a homophobic mother dealing with her son coming out and Facinelli, who plays a colorful Midwest weatherman in the midst of a tornado strike, talk about their latest characters and what it takes to get into these serious roles. Facinelli also talks about how he juggles so many hats in the film and TV industry and Heche talks about upcoming plans with Alec Baldwin and overcoming the effects of cancel culture.

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