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Meet Jona Genova the Game Changing Holistic Performance Coach & Healer to Elite Athletes

Meet Jona Genova a star in the NFL universe and a go to performance coach in the NFL with coaches and players who is getting tremendous results with her new and unconventional approach; one that embraces compassion, the complexities of being human and our natural need for connection. Jona calls herself a Holistic Performance Coach and NFL teams at this year’s “The Combine” were making a beeline to hear about her technique methods.

The past four years have put, Jona on a speed dial with NFL players and coaches (including head coaches and athletes with multiple Super Bowl rings) She is helping them achieve flow by increasing emotional awareness, connection to inner wisdom, and a healthy sense of self outside of their profession. It’s a contrast to the traditional male emphasis on control, hyper-individualism and focus that pervades the field.

Jona believes that people don’t make it to the top of their game without exceptional focus, discipline, and resilience. They are so far beyond most other humans; they don’t need another 5 Pillars of this or that. Rather, what they need is to heal the limiting beliefs that are prohibiting the flow of their brilliance. This is not a one size fits all solution and it happens in the form of tiny micro adjustments that probably wouldn’t make a difference for most people but that’s where Jona’s acute sensitivity and perceptivity deliver big results on and off the field.

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At the center of Jona’s approach are her intuition, a strategic mind and more than 25 years practicing Tibetan Buddhism. She believes that the outer world affects the inner world and vice versa.

Jona is a beautiful woman, inside and out, who triumphed in the world of finance and hospitality, before finding her true calling by helping others achieve their goals. She is relatable, charismatic and her policy of strict confidentiality immediately puts clients at ease.

Jona has had a remarkable and interesting journey that quantifies as an American success story. Always a hard worker, she finished high school a year early and helped with brain research at Clarkson University. She went on to attend Boston College, where she studied with top neuroscientists and met the professor/Tibetan Lama who put her on her initial spiritual path. She caught the heady days of Wall Street the first few years of the aughts but was secretly running a cookie business in the Hamptons on weekends to nourish her creative side. This led her to work with the biggest names in the nightlife industry. A big part of the New York City nightlife scene from 2003 to 2007, working at Marquee, Ruby Falls and Lot 61. After moving to LA, she was authorized by her Lama to teach Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices.

Currently Jona is working on next level performance techniques, which already has a lengthy waitlist. She has also spoken at professional conferences about the importance of taking systemic and institutional oppression into account when treating individuals, and she is a sought-after keynote speaker. Jona has been featured on Good Morning America, The Los Angeles Times, MSN, and Women’s Health Magazine, as well as in the book Unplug: A Simple Guide to Meditation for Busy Skeptics and Modern Soul Seekers.

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