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Kaitlynn Carter, Jessica Belkin, Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen, and others attend CBS’ SUMMER OF GHOSTS `Hetty-quette`Book Launch

Kaitlynn Carter at CBS’ SUMMER OF GHOSTS `Hetty-quette`Book Launch Credit: Michael Simon

Kaitlynn Carter (The Hills), Jessica Belkin (Pretty Little Liars), Angela Rummans and Tyler Crispen (Big Brother), Hannah Chaddha (Big Brother) Kyra Lizama and Will Moncada (Love Island) and Damian Powers (Love Is Blind) and many more, along with a bevy of influencers such as Loreen Hwang, Samantha Gutstadt, Kendra Reads and Michelle Wozniak, Jesse Montana and more, celebrated CBS’ “GHOSTS” ongoing immersive “Summer of Ghosts” by paying tribute to the shows character Hetty with the launch of “Hetty-quette: A Book of Etiquette” at The Ripped Bodice, on June 16th, ahead of the sitcom’s second season this Fall. 

In celebration of the show’s society woman from the 1800s, Hetty, CBS invited fans to the launch of “Hetty-quette: A Book of Etiquette” at The Ripped Bodice, on June 16th, in Culver City, CA.  Kicking off their in-store experience, Gilded Age-dressed brand ambassadors drew guests to the “Hetty-quette” book display to briefly explain her wisdoms and were presented with their own copy of her fine literature. As fans took in the experience, they were transported to an era long gone by the musical sounds of classical harpists, a calligraphy artist to personalize their “Hetty-quette” book and received free book vouchers to shop 10 curated novel selections for each of the shows characters.  After checking out with branded GHOSTS freebies, guests commemorated their “Hetty-quette” experience with a staged Gilded Age-themed photo booth opportunity worthy of all social media shares.  

Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama at CBS’ SUMMER OF GHOSTS `Hetty-quette`Book Launch Credit: Michael Simon

About “Summer of Ghosts”

CBS presents “Summer of Ghosts,” a delightful immersive campaign in honor of the “recently departed” first season of the CBS Original series Ghosts – and its upcoming sophomore season this fall. Throughout the summer, muli-city in-person events and unique Web3 metaverse experiences will celebrate the spirited title characters and living leads of TV’s #1 new comedy. Each character will be honored with a distinctive  “to die for” activations, bringing their individual worlds and stories into the here and now with a variety of in-person events, stunts and experiences.