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Happy Cat Sanctuary

Happy Cat Sanctuary – Disneyland for Disadvantaged Cats

By Christine Montanti

Imagine a location for furry felines that is so spectacular, its picturesque property and fantasyland ambiance is like Disneyland for disadvantaged cats. Comprised of numerous custom built tree forts, hammocks, cat tunnels, heated and air-conditioned enclosures, cozy beds, hand crafted water fountains, and plenty of delicious gourmet food, this magical Long Island haven known as Happy Cat Sanctuary, is not only a reality, but a dream come true for less fortunate cats who have suffered from the most deplorable and abusive living conditions.  

Chris Arsenault, founder of Happy Cat Sanctuary, has selflessly devoted the past 17 years of his life rescuing, caring for and housing over 300 injured, abused, and feral cats.  The noble Long Island-man transformed his home into a fairytale-like cat sanctuary shortly after his 24-year-old son, Eric, tragically died in a motorcycle accident in 2006.   At the time of his son’s sudden passing, Chris was working as a conductor for the New Jersey Transit when he discovered a colony of 30 sick kittens and decided to foster and nurse them back to health. Realizing the joy and fulfillment it brought him by saving these animals, Chris decided to devote his future and his life’s mission to caring for disadvantaged cats and launched the Happy Cat Sanctuary in 2006.   “It’s a lot of work, but I love it,” confesses Arsenault.   “Just creating all of this has made me really happy.”

Aside from the incredible accommodations for these lucky felines, the sanctuary provides the highest level of veterinarian care; in fact, the sanctuary even has their own vet technician that comes on premises weekly to treat and conduct routine checkups for the cats. In addition, Happy Cat Sanctuary has an amazing leukemia enclosure that offers indoor and outdoor housing where these special needs cats can live a full life comfortably with appropriate care and lodging.  

Numerous cats have come to the Happy Cat Sanctuary because they were left behind due to a variety of circumstances including homeowners who were forced to move due to Covid-19.  “Many homeowners felt they would rather leave their animals behind instead of bringing them to the shelter because they were putting the cats to sleep,” says Arsenault.  Some of the kittens and cats are adoptable, but, unfortunately, most are not because of medical and behavioral issues or because they are semi-feral.  “We love feral and handicapped cats.  I wish I could help more, but I don’t have enough property, and this acreage is not really big enough to handle more than I have.”  

“The house next door is really the key to the future of Happy Cat Sanctuary,” explains Arsenault.  With over 300 cats, Happy Cat Sanctuary is eager to expand by purchasing the property next door to the sanctuary.  Arsenault needs donations to make this happen.  

Donate today at . Happy Cat Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization based on Long Island, New York. Arsenault’s mission is to save the lives of at-risk cats and ensure they are provided with the quality of life every animal deserves.