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Model Delilah Belle Hosts Celebration At Hotel Ziggy On The Sunset Strip To Celebrity Her First Single And Music Video Release

Set at the perfect locale to launch her music career, Ziggy, the newest hotspot hotel on the iconic Sunset Strip, pays homage to music and culture. Singer, songwriter and model Delilah Belle hosted an intimate dinner at Hotel Ziggy in their Backbeat music lounge with Galore, followed by an afterparty in Ziggy’s B-Side restaurant and bar, to mark the release of her highly anticipated debut single.

Prior to the dinner party, Delilah got all glam for the occasion in one of Ziggy’s signature “rockstar suites,” with celebrity makeup artist Dom Della and celebrity hairstylist Laura Rugetti. Delilah was greeted by her family and close friends as she made a grand entrance into the dinner party rocking long platinum blonde locks and wowing her guests in a clear cut-out LBD.

Photo Credit: Kevin Wong

Delilah’s new debut single called “Nothing Lasts Forever” was showcased on screens at the bash as well as her new music video, featuring a platinum aesthetic of blue and silver tones, perfectly matched by the tablescape, which included blue and silver place settings. The dinner schematic also featured hot pink and silver metallic orb balloons, candles, table top metallic confetti, and fuschia rose buds rounded out by pink and blue neon up-lighting which adorned the venue walls.  Kashed Music also spun during the dinner, Delilah’s favorite DJ duo.

On hand to celebrate were Delilah’s close family including Lisa Rinna, Harry Hamlin, Amelia Gray, Dimitri Hamlin, plus friends Ella Angel, Sergio Farias, Presley Gerber, Kyra Transtrum, Chauncey Dominique, Bryant, Bailey Baum, Laura Rugetti, Nikki Gerber, Tesla Dietz, Kayla Richart, Hannah Linderman, Maddie Young, Steven Herrera, Alexis Beckman, Jessica Belkin, Eva Rankin, Juliana Caster, Chris Ricketts, Vivi Rubin,  James Spendergrass, Megan Malone, Kelliann Foster, Katherin, event planner Ali Lasky, and many more. DJ sets were spun by Kashed Music and Jack Henry.

Guests at the dinner celebration in Backbeat at Hotel Ziggy with Galore sipped on El Cristiano Tequila including a specialty cocktail “A Savior” taken from the lyrics of the song, as well as Passion Tree hard seltzer, Caliwater cactus water, Peroni beer, Hollywood Vodka, Gancia Sparkling Rosé and Malibu Rocky Oaks wines.

The menu included items such as the Summer Beet Salad with wild arugula, baked Rosemary Focaccia and marinated olives, Cacio E Pepe Gourmet Pizza, Mini Smash Burgers, Parmesan Truffle Fries and more, all made fresh from Ziggy’s B-Side kitchen.

Photo Credit: Kevin Wong

Following the showcasing of her new video introduced by Delilah, Delilah received touching speeches from family and friends on hand to support. After the intimate dinner, attendees shifted gears into party mode in B-Side. The bar was flowing all night until 1am, with Delilah and her friends enjoying the DJ music and dancing to her new single track. While dancing, Delilah was then presented with an oversized surprise custom cake featuring her single release artwork, as all her guests cheered her on. 

Located at the heart of LA’s legendary Sunset Blvd, Hotel Ziggy is proud to offer a new and exciting venue into the landscape of the West Hollywood music scene. They pride themselves on an aesthetic of sophisticated grit with a design inspired by the legends that shaped the music scene of the 60s, 70s, 80s, through today. Ziggy was designed to push boundaries and give new music artists a platform.  

As a place for musicians to take a stand and celebrate the importance of experimental music on our culture and society, Hotel Ziggy is a nod to the ionic musician, David Bowie, a.k.a. Ziggy Stardust. Known for going against the norms and experimenting with music, identity, and gender, Hotel Ziggy celebrates  Bowie’s rebellious progressive spirit and originality, showcased with a prominent cameo on the exterior above the front entrance.

Photo Credit: Kevin Wong

Delilah is no stranger to rebellious spirit, with the perfect backdrop for her to embark on her music career. The beauty has spent years modeling and establishing herself in the influencer space, building a loyal fanbase who has been excited and supportive for her single drop and music debut. And being it was St Patrick’s Day, lucky vibes were in the air.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Delilah began her career modeling at just 17 years old, making her runway debut in the Tommy Hilfiger Show at NYFW. After years of modeling, Delilah is now set out to pursue her true passion of creating music. After privately working on music behind the scenes, Delilah is ready to share her music with the world. “I’ve always been an open book and I’ve never been scared to really share what I’ve gone through,” she tells Billboard.

Written by Delilah Belle, Jake Davis [Monsta X, Galantis, Lady Gaga] and Tayler Wilzbach [KIIARA, Sasha Alex Sloan], “Nothing Lasts Forever” tells the story of the painful redundancy that we go through in life, with a reminder that no matter how hard it gets, this too shall pass…Nothing Lasts Forever.  

Photo Credit: Kevin Wong

STREAM THE SINGLE and watch the Music Video HERE:

The music video concept was directed by Louise De Nexon, produced by Shayan Farooq in collaboration with E&E Creative. Styled by Ali Kornhauser, is a play on emotions, and how they take shape visually and mentally. Hair by Laura Rugetti and Makeup by Dom Della.

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