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Motivational Artist Billy Alsbrooks

Meet the Celebrities’ Secret Weapon – Motivational Artist Billy Alsbrooks – whose viral messages have over 70 million Streams

Blessed and Unstoppable

2023 World Tour Covers Twenty-Eight Cities During 2023

Motivational Artist Billy Alsbrooks is currently on his 2023 ‘Blessed and Unstoppable‘ 28 City World Tour holding events in the USA, Europe and Asia.

This four-hour intense personal development workshop will change the trajectory of your whole life. Billy has this rare gift of being able to help people who haven’t found their passion, who feel lost, defeated, or stuck. His words and vocal charisma open the listener’s mind, and then with a few perfectly timed self-assessment questions, he instigates the paradigm shifts that unlock the greatness that’s been lying dormant within.

No matter what area of your life you’re struggling in, the profound success principles Alsbrooks teaches, and the masterful way he presents them will usher in the breakthroughs you’ve been looking for. This will be more than just a seminar, it’s going to be a complete spiritual experience, a chance at a new and more meaningful life. Billy is going to give you the blueprint that will truly make you Blessed and Unstoppable!

Motivational Artist Billy Alsbrooks (photo credit: Billy Alsbrooks)

About Billy Alsbrooks

As the voice of this generation, Billy has created a massive movement that is taking the world by storm. He’s more than just a motivational speaker, he’s a motivational artist, a world influencer, multi-award-winning poet, and former Billboard charting recording artist. His charismatic booming voice and thought-provoking words shake the foundation of every venue in which he speaks. NFL teams and major corporations all over the world hire Billy to come speak to their organizations.

From the tragedy of his own father’s passing to the rise and rebirth of his existence, Billy has become an unstoppable force in the motivational speaking industry. His viral motivational messages have currently been streamed globally more than 70 million times in 170 nations and his top selling book Blessed and Unstoppable: Your Blueprint for Success has been sold in over 32 countries. In 2019, Billy was awarded an honorary doctorate in Humanities for his massive impact around the globe. His new album, The Art of Motivation is now available worldwide on all major streaming platforms. You can listen to the album on Apple Music:

Further tour dates include national and world-wide appearances throughout 2023.  For more information, please visit

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