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Lauren Ben-Meir Attains Total Health

By Inna DeSilva

Lauren Ben-Meir is a human dynamo who in a space of a short time opened three med spas and has now launched her latest business, which offers a new health value. Attain Medspa is based on integrative medicine and promises to make your life easier with an all-encompassing Wellness Center. The goal of the Wellness Center is to determine your needs for skin care, weight-management, and possible health issues, quickly and professionally. Attain offers more than a dozen services, including peels, fillers, dermal-planing, IV therapy, laser treatments, hair removal, Emsculpt, contouring, and facials. “No matter what the budget is, walk out of Attain looking better,” says Lauren Ben Meir. 

Value-Added Health Benefit

In addition to top-notch spa services, Attain Medspa helps to assess your health via consultation and bloodwork. Attain Medspa has a licensed physician’s assistant (PA) on site, who reports to Attain Medspa’s medical director, a licensed physician. 

Beyond a complete range of spa services, you can get a script to have your blood drawn. Within 48 hours your results will be ready, and you come in for a consultation or opt for an online meeting. If the PA believes your bloodwork indicates a potential problem, the PA will discuss this with the medical director physician before discussing with you the health ramifications of your bloodwork and referrals for an appropriate physician. This is a great alternative for people who don’t have a regular physician or have been putting off getting bloodwork. This value-added benefit at Attain Medspa — two consultations, bloodwork script, and physician referrals if necessary is only $150 total. “It’s amazing that we are in charge of our lives, but not in charge of our health,” Lauren Ben-Meir. Attain Medspa’s goal is to keep you in charge.


At-Home Services

And now Attain offers to bring the spa to you for a special occasion like a birthday, a bachelorette party, or just good friends gathering to relax together. 


Attain Medspa

720 Monroe Street, Suite E407

Hoboken, New Jersey