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Meet Elton Ilirjani: Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Social Media Activist and Fashion Model

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Taking Action to Create Global Genderless Modeling Movement

Philanthropist entrepreneur Elton Ilirjani is actively working in the community to help promote a genderless movement in fashion industry. Looking to invest and build a healthy agenda on the topic of equality, the activist is working diligently to launch an extended platform throughout the world to back the narrative of equal rights amongst all mankind.

With a keen sensibility to serve mankind, Ilirjani proudly backs a campaign that pushes for harmonious equality for every person in the world despite background. He is a role model in the community who also happens to be a beloved fashion model with a globally recognized public persona. Frequent runaway appearances and fashion shoots in every corner of the planet are what have established Ilirjani as a popular art icon and an advocate.

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – MARCH 15: A model walks the runway during the MMAM show at Seoul Fashion Week AW 23 on March 15, 2023 in Seoul, South Korea. (Photo by Justin Shin/Getty Images)


Ilirjani explains that a movement for equal rights should be systematically backing the fundamental ways to liberate one’s mind and help break free any notions of stereotypes or prejudice. Following popular movements like those found in Southeast Asia, Ilirjani passionately backs a campaign that especially emphasis that women be viewed as equals and not as sexual objects. This plays in part to his work that he defines as genderless modeling. He firmly believes that all human beings hold the capacity for an expression of beauty that is captivating.

Known around the world as a high-ranking social media influencer and fashion model, Ilirjani boasts a breathtaking following of over 11 million fans. His legions of followers are dedicated to listening and learning from his message of gender equality around the world. Frequenting the pages of fashion magazines and runways, the icon uses his powerful presence to promote a unified existence amongst all of mankind. It is not about rights for some. It is purely about completely equal existence in life for all.


As a businessperson responsible for the successful creation of The Headhunter Group, the largest human resource company in the Balkans and present in Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, USA, Canada and Mexico, the renowned CEO was instrumental in a launch of an index that is part of its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and Workplace Diversity. The Group has an intrinsic commitment to see equal employment opportunities extended to all citizens.

Private funds from the CEO are now being used to promote a platform for the genderless movement. Seeking to establish a society that is taking innovative steps toward equality, Ilirjani proudly incorporates the same mechanisms and efforts that made his company groundbreaking. The private profitable company, Headquartered in New York City (USA), Canada, Mexico, Greece, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Albania, Kosovo, Bosnia &Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Serbia, and Montenegro.

More than 1500 clients in these countries have chosen The HeadHunter Group due to the experience of the staff and the founder of the company, when it comes to customize personnel solutions of high competence.

The HeadHunter Group is a strategic partner for companies operating on a national or international footing. They operate in services like: HR consultancy services, employment and training, staff leasing, payroll, mystery shopper service, market research, customer satisfaction evaluation/monitoring and business matching.

A tremendous network of clients come from international and local businesses.

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