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Jewelry Designer and Influencer Sara Shala Emerges as the Modern Renaissance Woman Elevating Fashion Today

The Founder of Sara Shala Design showcases pieces beloved by celebrates along with a showroom with uniquely stunning creations


Photo credits: Randall Ward / Sarwar Studios


Sara Shala is a trailblazing artisan in the world of jewelry design. Her namesake brand Sara Shala Design is synonymous with fashion beloved by the biggest celebrities in the world to a dominating and stunning presence in the realm of style showcased in social media. Shala is the true definition of a Renaissance woman. With an incredible perspective based on her personal passion for architecture mixed with volcanic talent, the groundbreaking artisan and entrepreneur has become synonymous with the biggest and brightest looks today. Celebrities from Katie Holmes to Viola Davis and Kate Hudson have all worn her jewelry to movie premieres and film junkets.

Inspired by travel and art, she connects New York City with a global vision of beauty. Enriched by different cultures, she envisioned a dream of connecting the world’s secrets with jewelry design. Her impressive background as a creative stylist continued as a fashion editor and designer for other brands leading her to create Sara Shala Design.

Jewelry for her connects the joy of the present with the art of the past. Living every breath as it were its last, she boldly connects New York City with a global concept of design.

Thought-provoking and captivating pieces in her series took years to complete and Shala honors and recognizes that her talent is comfortable in existence because of the heartfelt work and countless hours she puts into each piece that comes from her private New York atelier.

“I design jewelry with the method of 3D printing, as well as traditional handcrafting techniques. What makes Sara Shala Design so special is that we are able to take the vision from the first sketch to a final polish all under one roof. I love being in control of the process, and make sure each step is handled with careful consideration and meticulous detail. At Sara Shala, we cherish traditional craftsmanship required to make true fine jewelry. This is why we pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with our artisans and suppliers,”

With a capsule collection that frequently graces the pages of fashion magazines to the Instagram carousels all the way to A-list actors movie sets, the inspirational and breathtaking work of the magnetic Shala is truly trailblazing.

Her design captures the eye as well as a compassionate spirit that resonates with so many people today. Using stones that are Conflict-free Diamonds and Cultivated Diamonds along with her renowned shaping of metals, Shala strives to execute designs with the use of the best materials available in the marketplace and simultaneously express a sustainable future that appreciates the precious elements of nature.

The studio is in the heart of Tribeca and is a perfect destination for those who are looking for a personalized shopping experience that’s tailored to their unique taste and style. Known for assisting customers with visions for bespoke jewelry to even one-of-a-kind engagement rings, the brand firmly believes that every piece of jewelry should be as unique as its owner. From simple and sweet day wear to transitions into sophisticated glamorous nightwear, her line offers it all.

Now the brand extends into trunk sales at The Four Seasons to summer pop ups in the Hamptons. As she reaches her full scope and prepares for her next chapter, Shala recognizes her role as a burgeoning European-American fashion designer who is recognized on the scene for her advantageous spirit.

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