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Dr. Robert Schwarcz: Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Artistry

By Christine Montanti


What sets the country’s leading cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon Dr. Robert Schwarcz apart from the rest, is not just his remarkable training but his relentless dedication to achieving results that appear nothing short of natural.  Driven by a philosophy that cosmetic surgery should inspire rejuvenation without the telltale signs of intervention, his approach ensures that his patients leave his care looking refreshed and revitalized, rather than overtly altered.

He is one of only 650 surgeons nationwide to be admitted to the American Society of Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASOPRS) and is recognized as a luminary in his field. In addition to being double board-certified Dr Schwarcz, undisputedly, has had more training for eyelids than any other type of cosmetic surgeon. Dr. Schwarcz is in high demand and has catered to many well-known clients. He is requested not only for his specialty in eyelid surgery including eyelids, midface and brows but also for many other surgical and non-invasive procedures including facelifting, neck lifting, injectables and of course as seen in W magazine he is the go-to post blepharoplasty botched surgery cases. 

One of Dr. Schwarcz’s notable qualities is his ability to obtain a sense of trust and confidence in his patients. Testimonials from individuals who have benefited from his work consistently praise his warm bedside manner, emphasizing that he takes the time to listen to their concerns, answer their questions, and fully explain procedures. This personalized approach allows patients to feel at ease, knowing they are in the hands of a caring and experienced practitioner.

Among the diverse array of patients who have shared their experiences, the recurring theme is the remarkable outcomes they achieved under Dr. Schwarcz’s care. Whether it’s eyelid surgery, injectables, or other cosmetic treatments, patients repeatedly express their satisfaction with the natural and refreshed results they have obtained. Many have reported how Dr. Schwarcz’s expertise in oculofacial plastics combined with his surgical skill, produce results that enhance their appearance without looking overpulled or overdone.



This past March, 47-year-old Danielle Koza sought the advice and expertise of Dr. Robert Schwarcz after she had an adverse reaction to a filler that was injected under her eyes which encapsulated forming a hard rock substance:

“For many years I was going to a nurse practitioner and injecting filler under my eyes to puff-out the areas that were hollowed-out and dark. The last time I had filler injections under the eyes, I had an adverse reaction and the filler encapsulated, forming a hard rock-like substance.  As a result, I had to have the filler dissolved and had to go back about 7 times. When all of the filler was finally dissolved, I looked crazy. My eyes appeared to be very deep-set and underneath the eyes looked completely deflated. The treating nurse partitioner advised I should seek a more permanent solution suggesting I have a lower blepharoplasty to resolve the issue instead of continuing with fillers.  

Prior to scheduling a consultation with Dr. Schwarcz, I had already spoken to several other doctors.  I did extensive research on Dr. Schwarcz’s background, and it was amazing. I even asked my step-father who is an ENT doctor to look into Dr. Schwarcz and after reviewing him, he told me “he was my doctor.”

When I first met Dr. Schwarcz, he had a great bedside manner and when I saw his work, I could tell he had a very light touch and was extremely artistic. I really liked him and had a great feeling about him: he seemed very genuine. During the consult, Dr. Schwarcz recommended a Triplanar Blepharoplasty which is an upper and lower blepharoplasty and a fat transfer from the abdomen to fill underneath the eye.                   A term he coined 10 years ago and has been doing it successfully for the past decade. I knew I really needed all three procedures, but I was apprehensive about the CO2 laser. I did it before and it took two weeks to recover and I was scared to do it.  Dr. Schwarcz explained that I needed the laser because the skin under my eyes was not the same as the skin on the rest of my face, it didn’t match.  I finally agreed to do the laser procedure because I trusted him.

I took pain medication immediately after surgery, and then, I only needed to take Tylenol. After the third day, I started to look really good and noticed the results. Only two weeks after the surgery, I was out in pubic walking around, and it wasn’t even noticeable that I was just recovering from surgery. I knew I had received a really great result. I put my trust in Dr. Schwarcz and the results are amazing!”

As individuals continue to seek the best options to maintain and enhance their natural beauty, Dr. Schwarcz has been a trusted source of rejuvenation for both men and women and his positive patient testimonials reveal that he has not only met but exceeded these expectations.

To schedule a consultation and an appointment with Dr. Robert Schwarcz please call 212.396.4400