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The World’s First Mini Hard Seltzer from Passion Tree is Now Available at TARGET in Multiple Cities including New York

Thanks to Passion Tree, the day is finally here where one can drink and enjoy a hard seltzer with every sip being cold and crisp all the way through.

In a world of excess, Passion Tree listened to the growing demand for balance. Passion Tree Minis bridge the gap between non-alcoholic and low-ABV beverages, offering the perfect portion for the mindful drinker. Not too much not too little, coming in at 7.5 oz with a 5.5% ABV these little guys pack the perfect punch for whatever peaks your indulgence. Whether it’s conquering a challenging hike, catching the perfect wave, finishing a day of hard work,  tailgating or just enjoying time with friends, Passion Tree invites you to celebrate life’s #minimoments by cracking open a Passion Tree mini, the perfect size for ~quite literally~ any occasion.


Carbonation levels – perfectly balanced, taste – unmatched, look – too cute for words, size – guilt free bliss and best of all – every case purchased plants a tree!! #miniCanBigImpact With the launch of minis, Passion Tree also introduces two new flavors exclusive to the mini variants, Coconut & Lychee. Passion Tree Minis are conveniently available for purchase at TARGET.

Passion Tree minis Highlights

7.5 oz can with 5.5% ABV

70 Calories

Signature Light  Carbonation

Premium Brewing process utilizing Sugar Cane

All Natural Flavors



Flavors offered


Dragon Fruit


Coconut (NEW flavor exclusive to mini)

Lychee (NEW flavor exclusive to mini)

All mini variants come in a 7.5oz can, boast a delightful 5.5% ABV, are  70 Calories, GF, Kosher and available for purchase at TARGET in their Variety 10 pack at a price of $18.99 and their Guava 6 pack or Coconut 6 pack for $11.99.  Passion Tree minis can be found at all Target stores in California, New York, Florida, Texas and Illinois. Store locators can be found at

About Passion Tree

Passion Tree is a revolutionary brand from SoCal that has redefined the landscape of hard seltzer. Founded by three visionary friends driven by a quest for a delicious and sustainable beverage, Passion Tree sets itself apart with its quest for innovation, exotic flavors, unique brewing process involving cold-brewed fermented sugar cane, a signature light carbonation and is Gluten Free & Kosher certified, creating a truly exceptional seltzer experience accessible to all. Committed to making a positive impact, Passion Tree plants a tree for every case of their seltzer sold in partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects – over 52,000 trees planted already. With a strong focus on quality, innovation, and environmental stewardship, Passion Tree is at the forefront of the industry, combining great taste and innovation with a sustainable mission.For more information visit & follow @PassionTree on instagram.