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Sakura Collection Fashion Presentation Brings Art Culture and Style from Japan to NYFW



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The Sakura Collection, a project that aims to foster young creators, revitalize regions, and promote cultural and economic exchange through cross-border collaboration, is excited to present the beauty and diversity of Japanese traditional fabrics in two events in New York.



The first event was the Texworld New York City, one of the largest sourcing events on the East Coast, from at the Javits Center in New York where the Sakura Collection displayed a stunning array of fabrics from different regions of Japan, such as wool, cotton, denim, silk, and linen, each with its own story, craftsmanship, and charm.



The event also featured the final judging for the Sakura Collection Fashion Design Award 2024, a global competition for fashion students, who showcased their creations using the theme materials of “Natsu-Shiozawa” and “Upcycled Denim”.



The jury included Osamu Saito, founder of Yohji Yamamoto Europe, Keiko Aoki, CEO of the Altesse Co., Ltd. a New York-based international business consultant company, Hervé Pierre – an American fashion designer who has worked for top brands such as Oscar de la Renta and Carolina Herrera and who has dressed the first lady and other celebrities.



The second event was an exhibition and fashion presentation held at the Pierre Hotel. On the final day of the event, three renowned fashion designers including Flora Rabitti from Italy (Florania), Irina Duhus from Ukraine (DZHUS), and Sabrina Goh from Singapore (Sabrina Goh) unveiled their exclusive collections made with traditional Japanese materials including Ojiya-chijimi, SanoAi Syo-Aizome, Hamamatsu Marunabe Denim, Nakaden Keori’s Bishu Wool among others. Models were supplued by the Barbizon Agency.



Their creations blended Japanese heritage with their own cultural influences and artistic visions, resulting in unique and valuable pieces that represent the future of fashion.  A dance performance highlighted the versatility of the fabrics and the skill of the performers from the Vissi Dance Theater.



About The Sakura Collection:

The Sakura Collection was started in 2012 comprising three missions aimed at “fostering young creators,” “regional revitalization and PR tourism to Japan,” and “promoting cultural and economic exchange,” with the aim of developing culture, technology, and the economy through cross-border collaboration.

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