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Kevin Jonas and Danielle

Authenticity is a rare find these days but Kevin and Danielle Jonas are brimming with it. It’s the considerate way they interact with those around them, the sweetness to their demeanor, the way that — even after Kevin’s worldwide fame and success — they have put down roots in their home state of New Jersey instead of opting for the bright lights of the city or another celebrity enclave. And what best embodies their unbridled sweetness is the love they share. When I first met Kevin and Danielle on set, I couldn’t help but be awestruck by how enraptured they are by each other —  holding hands and generally being the happiest of lovebirds.

Danielle is the beautiful girl next door —  an ordinary New Jersey girl who is now living an extraordinary life. And she hasn’t changed a bit. She is as grounded as can be. A former hairdresser, she immediately started sharing beauty tips with the magazine’s glam-team. She needed to be reminded that she is one of the cover stars. I’ve been fortunate to work with a number of level-headed stars, but I can’t help but think Danielle might have the most adorable down-to-earth attitude I have ever seen during any cover shoot. She truly is a reluctant Cinderella — happily surprised by everything around her but still having a bit of trepidation. Holding her hand at all times was Kevin, “How is it going?” he checked in with Danielle during each dress change. He showered her with words of love and encouragement, leaving even the stylist sighing. Apparently that’s the Jonas Brothers’ magic: they know how to make the girls swoon, even when they’re off the market.

Unlike his wife, Kevin is an old hand at fame, photo-shoots, and the limelight. In 2007, the Jonas Brothers guest-starred on an episode of Hannah Montana that broke cable records with a whopping 10.7 million viewers. After making such a huge splash, Kevin and his brothers filmed the movie Camp Rock for the Disney Channel, and several world tours later . . . the rest is history.

With all this wild success, the fact that Kevin was drawn to and stayed with a down-to-earth girl like Danielle Deleasa says a lot about him. Even through the ups, downs, and rollercoaster ride that is fame, he didn’t get lost but stayed grounded and, most important, found love. But of course, relationships are never easy. Kevin confided that “in any relationship there are obstacles when balancing it out with a busy schedule. Getting to know someone that you’re dating is always interesting, especially when it’s the one you’re supposed to be with. It just works itself out.”

And so their love story did work out. Danielle, who met Kevin when she was on vacation with her family, said, “It really does feel like a fairytale. Doesn’t everyone deserve that? We take things that aren’t really normal for others and have make it our normal. I think that’s the case in many relationships. I didn’t set out to marry a pop star or an actor. I just fell in love with Kevin! My advice: follow your heart.”
These two have certainly followed their hearts and have recently embarked on a whole new adventure. This new page is Married to Jonas, a reality television show for E! Kevin and Danielle hope that audiences tuning in will learn that they “are a loving family and genuinely care about each other. And that we come from a faith-based family and that not everyone in New Jersey is flipping over tables!”

Besides giving New Jersey reality shows a whole new look, these two have a very sweet silly side. Over lunch, Kevin said that he one day may take up racing cars because he “has a need for speed” and if the two could go back in time they would like to witness Abraham Lincoln delivering his Gettysburg Address. Or hang out with the rat pack. Until then, their goals are to have children, tour the world, and feel love every day.  “To have a loving marriage, to raise a family together, and to be able to tackle every moment that comes along!” is the plan shared Kevin. So far, so good!

Kevin and Danielle Jonas just keep rocking and rolling. I can’t wait to see what the future brings for them and I’m looking forward to watching it unfold on their new show.