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Dr. Robert Schwarcz

Dr. Robert Schwarcz

The Nation’s Top Oculofacial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon

By Christine Montanti

It’s not surprising that the country’s leading cosmetic Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive surgeon is NYC based Dr. Robert Schwarcz. He is one of only 650 surgeons nationwide to be admitted to the American Society of Oculofacial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons (ASOPRS). In addition to being double board-certified Dr. Schwarcz, undisputedly, has had more training for eyelids than any other type of cosmetic surgeon. Known for achieving natural looking results and for his skill and precision in cosmetic surgery, Dr. Schwarcz is in high demand and has catered to many well-known clients. He is requested not only for his specialty in eyelid surgery including eyelids, midface and brows but also for many other surgical and non-invasive procedures including facelifting, neck lifting, injectables and of course as seen in W magazine he is the go-to post blepharoplasty botched surgery cases. 

Dr. Schwarcz’s extensive training and skill in Ophthalmology led him into Oculoplastics and cosmetic surgery causing him to become one of the most celebrated cosmetic Oculofacial plastic surgeons around. He offers surgical procedures including anything and everything for the eyes: blepharoplasty, which is lifting of the eyelid, ptosis repair which is muscle surgery to open the eyelid wider, lower eyelid surgery including bag removal, and brow lifts. “What I like so much about my specialty is that it is precision surgery; unlike like large flaps, everything is very precise and refined. I started off my residency medical career operating with a microscope,” explains the NYC based surgeon.

What is even more unique about Dr Schwarcz is that he offers a boutique practice at two locations, NYC, and Scarsdale, New York where he provides patients with one-on-one care.  He performs all consultations, surgeries, post-operative visits, and injections himself. Dr Schwarcz explains, “My practice is truly white glove. I do everything myself, and I don’t delegate anything; I take out my own sutures. If you get a facelift, you are put up in a nearby hotel with an overnight nurse, and I come to your bedside the next day. I have been doing this for years. It’s the necessary hand holding needed for top notch quality care.”

Dr. Schwarcz also enjoys living a healthy plant-based and active lifestyle, and as a result, he recently launched Orvos Skin Science, a three-piece skin care collection that is a plant-based, medical grade antioxidant skin care system. He believes it is equally important not to have any chemicals in your body as well as on your body. Orvos delivers visible results to all skin types, addressing primary skin concerns including dullness, age spots, hydration, fine lines, and even skin tone. Every ingredient is carefully curated with the highest possible concentrations to create radiant, glowing skin. “I always felt that most plant-based product lines don’t have as many chemicals in them and therefore are unable to accomplish as much, so I was on a mission to accomplish more. Orvos Skin Science is loaded with natural ingredients. I substituted a lot of the chemicals needed to create a certain effect with mimickers: instead of a retinol, I substituted plant-based fruits like Bakuchiol, and instead of ascorbic acid and vitamin C, I put in Kakadu plums and a lot of other fruit-based acids as well.”

The renowned surgeon explains that being in plastics is the only discipline of medicine that allows for creativity and doesn’t follow an algorithmic approach. Dr. Schwarcz describes, “If you have a heart attack, then you follow the pathways of treatment and see five cardiothoracic surgeons who will all say the same thing, that you need this done and this is how you do it. Whereas, if you see five plastic surgeons, you are going to get five different opinions about five different ways of doing things and five different assessments of what needs to be done. Although it may be confusing for the patient, for me it allows for full creativity.

Everyone uses that “catch” word “natural-results.” I have been true to that from the inception of my practice 15 years ago; I don’t overdo it. I don’t overpull because I like to keep it natural, and I base everything on how you looked 20 years ago instead of on how someone else looks. I require every consult to bring in old photos of themselves. I don’t change someone’s face or appearance; I reset it, and that is what I think is different.”

To schedule a consultation and appointment with Dr. Robert Schwarcz please call 212.396.4400.