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Angelo David Salon

The Mane Man Behind Couture Hair Extensions Talks About Beauty , Hair and Life Outside The Salon

Q: What sets your salon apart from others?
A: Everything we do is customized for the individual—my salon represents the difference between couture fashions to ready-to-wear, only the focus is hair. I always approached what I do like the “Vera Wang of Hair Extensions” because my focus is on using high-quality products and customizing the perfect hair addition for my clients. I see hair as a tool for changing people’s lives, not just something that makes you look good or feel beautiful. We all know the strong psychological attachment between women and their hair. I try to find ways to use my hair extensions, wigs and additions to help them look their best, which in turn can boost their confidence.

Q: Is there any type of extension that you are particularly proud of? Is there a particular client that you were most proud of when you saw the results?
A: I can’t say I have one favorite type, because it is all about the client’s reaction at the end of the process. That’s the beauty of what I do: I get to see their glee after the hair transformation they went through. It doesn’t matter whether I’m working with a client undergoing chemotherapy who just slipped on one of my specially fitted Couture Wigs or I just created hair extensions for a celebrity during a magazine cover shoot. I am proud of my work and the impact it brings to the people I work with.

Q: Other than hair extensions, what are some of the common treatments you provide for your clients?
A: I have great colorists and stylists who deliver impeccable color correction and smoothing services. We also offer customized hair treatments that add protein, moisture or both to make hair look more youthful. Like everything else, hair does age. Our nail technician uses the latest lines of Essie nails colors and offers Shellac manicures that last for 2 weeks without chipping. Within Angelo David Hair Care, I offer an amazing Foaming Sea Silk Styler that adds volume while treating the hair with organic extracts. I also made certain it contains no drying ingredients or parabens. Everyone in the salon stays up-to-date to the latest beauty news, products and technologies, so they help clients achieve the look they want.

Q: Other than hair appointments, what kinds of services do you offer your clients?
A: As I mentioned, we offer hair treatments, manicures and everything our clients need to look and feel their best. Our eyebrow shaping and makeup services are particularly great because they can take years off anyone’s appearance and complete a makeover or any professional image. Because it’s all about what they client wants, when he or she wants it, we also make house calls to local homes, hotel rooms, hospitals and even yachts.

Q: Are there any personal accomplishments you’d like to tell us about?
A: Running a successful salon is one accomplishment. And developing my own Angelo David Hair Care line was definitely a challenge—I wanted it to be the best premium Hair care available, and I needed products like my Premier Volume Spray to add the volume all women want. Also, I’m launching Hair Detox, supplements that support hair health and growth. I’m so confident about them that I offer a 100% money back guarantee. However, I think becoming a family man supersedes all my other achievements. Now that my wife and I have a 2-year old son Carmine Luke, I’ve changed the way I look at everything. Juggling my business with private time to provide the love and care he needs is my biggest personal accomplishment.