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Support Local Businesses while Solving Life’s Problems with New Online Social Concierge Service EZBZ

EZBZlogops NEW May 2016

Pioneering the concept of a social concierge service, enables its users to have businesses large and small compete on equal footing to earn their trust and solve life’s little problems. allows users to fill out a free request for services ranging from home repairs, to finding a new personal trainer and everything else in between, where users include any pertinent details along with images, if need be. Then, the myEZBZ platform, which is available as a free download for Apple and Android devices, utilizes smart and radius technologies to contact all businesses within the user’s area via email and SMS with all of the details provided to the user in real-time. Businesses can then respond to the user’s request, at the cost of only $1.00 for the first 90 minutes, and $3.00 thereafter. The user can then pick the best vendor to fulfil the service request from the competing bids. When a user is deciding which service provider is best, they are able to view a company profile for each vendor.

Shana Schlossberg
Shana Schlossberg

EZBZ, Inc. Founder and CEO Shana Schlossberg, is fueled by her passion for small, family-run businesses and chose to establish an innovative technology platform to empower them. The platform allows for real-time honest commerce, so a sole proprietor can compete at the same level as a 500 person enterprise. Within the platform, Shana and the myEZBZ team have also partnered with other family-run businesses to streamline their services. Most recently, EZBZ Inc. launched its partnership with My City Mommy, a network of 100 local mommy sites across the US, to launch a special virtual concierge platform. EZBZ also recently paired up with Manhattan Chamber of Commerce (MCC), a business membership organization boasting over 15,000 members and subscribers that serves as a primary resource and advocate for the over 100,000 businesses in Manhattan, to launch a special virtual concierge platform.

MyEZBZ has also partnered up with a number of bloggers, magazines and online communities, offering a one-stop-location for anything these outlets’ readers may need. Some recent partnerships include family blogger MomRN (, parenting blog Mom of the Year (, as well as Westchester NY Moms, a highly interactive local online community of over 8,400 moms in the Westchester County, NY. For busy moms, that means they can submit a free online request and have pricing along with availability sent directly to them that same day.

For Shana, launching EZBZ, Inc. was never simply about making money; for her as with other social entrepreneurs, it is about creating a product or service that also contributes to the betterment of society and inevitably the world. Being a social entrepreneur is not just about starting a company founded on the principles of ending world hunger or to stop global warming, it is also about starting a company that is socially responsible. For Shana, the motivation was to eradicate the uneven playing field for small and big businesses. Through her experiences working in the corporate world for 15 years, she found that often times those companies which touted themselves as empowering strong, small businesses were often just pushing empty rhetoric. In fact, often times those same organizations manipulated and took advantage of the very small businesses they claimed to exist to assist.

With EZBZ, Inc., Shana has created a platform in which small, local businesses potentially hold the same clout as a massive company. In turn, users in search of quality service will no longer be blinded by a large company’s marketing efforts or by the capital behind top Yelp or Google listings positioning and instead will be able to pick a company based solely on their brand reputation.

For more information, visit or download the free myEZBZ app in the App Store or on Google Play.

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