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Hamptons Employment Agency

More and more, the Hamptons set is finding that good help is, well, easy to find  . . .  if you work with the right agency. Those in the know almost always turn to Hamptons Employment Agency, the premier agency for all domestic staffing needs. What sets them apart? Among other things, a personal approach, meticulous screening, and a leader who insists on being hands-on.

Aleksandra Kardwell, the president of Hamptons Employment Agency, reveals below how to  better understand her sterling brand, just what sets it apart, and a little about how she personally gives back.

What is the advantage of going through your agency rather than looking for domestic help on a web site like Craigslist or job wanted ads?

Looking for potential domestic staff through online job sites is   often a time-consuming, hit-or-miss process. Our main advantage is that we present a shortlist of strong, thoroughly screened candidates to employers. Our clients’ time is highly valuable, and we do the work for them to find the right staff member based on their specific needs and preferences. We carefully screen and interview candidates, check their references, and run formal background checks to create each client’s candidate list.

Do you do both short-term and long-term help?

Yes, we specialize in placing one-time, seasonal, and year-round staff. Some of the positions that we frequently help employers fill include servers and bartenders for parties; chefs for one-day or multi-day events; summer housekeepers and chefs; and full-time, year-round housekeepers, domestic couples, managers, chefs, personal assistants, and nannies. We also specialize in providing administrative staff for businesses and sales associates for retail stores.

What sort of personal touch do you bring to your clients?

While we have offices in Southampton, Manhattan, and Boca Raton, we remain a boutique staffing agency at heart, and we maintain highly personalized relationships with our clients. As HEA’s owner, I find that oftentimes clients like to work with me directly, or have access to me, and I am eager to be personally involved with clients.  I also personally interview the candidates in our Southampton and New York offices, and I am involved with interviewing in our Boca Raton location as well. The number one priority for my team is to provide an exceptional experience for clients and domestic professionals, and we work hard to do what it takes to meet that goal.

What is the strangest request you’ve ever gotten? 

The oddest request that we’ve received was probably a request for someone to stand by the side of the road on 27 East and hold a sign that had “Follow Us on Instagram” info on it for the client’s company. That certainly was not a typical placement for us, but we are happy to help all clients, even those who have unusual needs.

You are active in the community. Can you tell us about that?

I am involved with a number of organizations in the community, such as the Southampton Rotary Club and the East End Women’s Network. I am also on the planning committees for local fundraising events, including the Parrish Art Museum’s Spring Fling, the American Heart Association’s Hamptons Heart Ball, and St. Jude’s Hope in the Hamptons. I’ve always felt that it is important for me to stay engaged with the community and to give back to the area.