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Mark Baron – Perfection and Tenacity Rule The Day

Mark Baron is an icon who stands above all others in the crowded world of real estate in the Hamptons. Based at Brown Harris Stevens in Bridgehampton, his high level of professionalism, his mastery of the real estate market, his international background, and his dynamic personality rank him as a top producer who has repeatedly earned top distinctions among North American sales associates.

But, while his technique may be a lesson in skill, it’s his intuition, extra-curricular experience, and personal credos that truly set him apart. For instance, this year his strategy is focused on collaboration, and he has partnered with Jane Babcook to offer a different approach to home buying.

His experience, on the other hand, informs his every move. Originally from Southern Africa, he’s an avid outdoorsman and adventurer. Mark and his wife, Susan, lived and sailed throughout the Caribbean before opening art galleries in Palm Beach and Bridgehampton. Making the Hamptons their year round home in 2001, they reside in Sag Harbor, while continuing to vacation at their property in St. John and taking on adventures that others can only dream of.

Social Life asked Mark what two elements of his personality describe his work, and, without missing a beat, he shared some very personal things.


“I never accept mediocrity when it comes to finding the right house for the buyer or when representing the seller, whether it’s the showing, the photography, the research . . . I insist that it be perfect. It’s something that’s developed in my personality over the years. I don’t like to have to do things twice. My philosophy is to do things 110 percent the first time rather than put in a half-hearted effort, because it will come back to you later and you’ll need to fix it. A lot of that comes from my activities: if you don’t tie that knot right the first time, that sail will come loose and you’ll need to do it again. Or, if you don’t do the right safety checks before someone goes SCUBA diving, someone will get hurt. In all the years I’ve taught diving, no one has ever gotten hurt. It’s that care and diligence that I’ve adapted to real estate.”


“I simply never give up, and I have a very personal story that exemplifies this. My wife and I were caught in a hurricane off the coast of Cuba, and the U.S. base in Guantanamo offered to come and pick us up by helicopter. The problem for me was that they wouldn’t be able to take the boat in. We decided to tough it out, and spent 19 hours navigating the storm. We just wouldn’t give up, and we made it to Guantanamo and saved the boat . . . and ourselves.  It’s a great personal example of perseverance, and I do the same with listings. My clients know that I am there for them 100 percent from beginning to end, and it’s what sets me apart.”

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