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Montauk Beverageworks

If there’s one thing that sets the Hamptons apart, it’s the residents’ and even the visitors’ commitment to supporting local businesses. When dining in the Hamptons, you can count on only the freshest ingredients, picked up from a local farm or purchased at one of the Hamptons many farm stands.

Residents and visitors alike seek not only the freshest of what the Hamptons has to offer, but more and more, they want to ensure that they are contributing to the local economy, and doing so in a way that’s eco-friendly.

This summer, Montauk BeverageWorks will undoubtedly be at the top of everyone’s list, not just because it’s a business providing a health-conscious product, but also because the company takes its commitment to sustainability very seriously. But, let’s get to that in a minute.

“We have recently expanded westward to New York City and New Jersey and that will be a great thing not only for the company but most importantly for our customers who are discovering us at the East End and want to be able to find our products once they return home,” said Jessica Lukas, the marketing coordinator. “We are very excited, and looking forward to expanding our reach.”

By now, you probably are well aware of the tasty, all natural, reduced-sugar and low-calorie iced teas and lemonade produced by Montauk BeverageWorks. All of their beverages also happen to be kosher certified.

What are our favorites? Well, it depends on the occasion. But, let’s just say that if you want to add some “spirit” to your juice, check out these two winners:


Described as perfectly sweet, perfectly tart, Montauk Beverageworks’ lemonade combines the two-flavor profiles that result in the perfect refreshing drink. Made with real lemon juice and cane sugar with 80 calories per serving, this delectable beverage is the ultimate year-round thirst quencher.” It also goes great with Tito’s!


“The rich red color of this delectable beverage comes courtesy of brewed hibiscus petals, an herbal tisane that is caffeine free.  A touch of rose hips and berry flavors enhance the floral notes of the hibiscus, and a touch of cane sugar gives the beverage a very modest 20 calories per serving.” A dash of dark rum? You won’t be disappointed!

Other flavors offered by Montauk Beverageworks are black tea, which includes a citrus flavor for the true tea lover and low-sugar half & half with no high fructose corn syrup and no aftertaste; a green tea with honey, which is an herbal favorite of our health enthusiasts; and a white tea with a splash of peach — a gold color and light flavor (it is a personal favorite of Roger, of WBAB’s Morning Show, The Roger & JP Show). Coming June 1 is a black tea with orange clementine.

Although the company is clearly focused on what’s in the bottle, the strive for perfection is also driven by the need for environmental sustainability. Concerned about the use of Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical used in the manufacturing of polycarbonate plastics, the company is steadfast in its commitment to its customers, and for this reason it avoids harmful chemicals and continues to use glass instead of plastic.  Last year the average American used 167 disposable plastic bottles, but only recycled 38, with the rest ending up filling our landfills and oceans with poisonous materials.

Montauk Beverageworks’ Michael White was advised that he could save 15¢  to 25¢ per bottle by using plastic. After consideration, Michael decided that no amount of savings was worth polluting the environment and that the company would remain true to its stated mission of providing beverages to its health-conscious consumers.

“Let’s face it, beverages taste better when bottled in glass. It’s a  purer, less adulterated taste devoid of any decomposing material which would alter the intended flavor of your beverage, or even poison it,” says Montauk Beverageworks. So dig deep down for that extra 15¢ or even 25¢ if it should come to that . . . save yourself, save your children, save our environment.