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Bentley Meeker Lighting


Lighting artist Bentley Meeker, who has shown at the Whitney Museum and the National Arts Club, returned to his Canadian roots with the pot-themed show Weedworld. Meeker created an immersive experience in a room filled with a blizzard of marijuana leaves created with light. The installation was featured at the #Grassland exhibition at The Penticton Art Gallery. The show explored the culture, history, and economic impact of marijuana on society.

The Southampton Arts Center

As an artist, Meeker is on fire.  He has lit the Temple at Burning Man and been a featured artist at the Southampton Arts Center with his Flame to Now I exhibition, a conceptual look at light and its differing effects on us “My work has always centered on the thesis that different kinds of light affect us in unique ways. The journey is a consistent exploration into the nuances of light and the reaction, tacit or explicit, that it engenders within us,” says Meeker. The New York-based artist has also illuminated everything from Chelsea Clinton’s and Melissa Rivers’ respective weddings to state dinners at the White House. Growing up between the United States, the Bahamas, and Canada, Meeker was exposed to various forms of light from around the world. When he was 14, he moved to Manhattan. “I remember thinking of all the ways you could play with and manipulate light when I first felt the pull to it,” remembers Meeker. “The things I’ve discovered over the years that can be done with light have blown my mind and as I dig deeper it never stops evolving.” 

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