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Beauty from the Inside Out

With summer 2019 coming soon, I’m wearing skin-baring silk dresses, and I plan to pair them with glowing skin. Outer beauty is a reflection of inner health. Nowhere does this hold more true than with our skin. Wrinkles, acne, texture, and tone are all affected by what we eat and how healthy and balanced our bodies are. When aiming for gorgeous summer skin, start from the inside out.

1. Collagen. 

Collagen is the building block for our skin. As we age, our natural collagen production declines. Collagen creates firm, plump skin and prevents lines and wrinkles. Add collagen to your diet with the following: 

Further Food collagen peptides: add it to teas, nut milks, smoothies, and soups.

Epic artisanal bone broth: use it to cook quinoa, cauliflower rice, leafy greens, or just drink it as a meal or snack.

Sakara life source powder: use it to replace or supplement meals. It has collagen-boosting amino acids to help increase your collagen production.

2. Probiotics.

A balanced biome prevents acne and redness. Healthy harmonious skin is a reflection of our body’s bacteria being in equilibrium. Give your biome a boost with the following:

Kombucha: drink this delicious tea to add good bacteria to your system.

Sakara probiotics and Inner Eco probiotic coconut water: take a supplement that you can absorb and that provides a vast array of probiotic strains for maximum benefit.

3. Vitamins and Minerals. 

The foundation of our diet should be a variety of fresh whole foods. This ensures that we are nourishing ourselves and providing our bodies with all of the vitamins and minerals it needs to function at its best. Vitamins and minerals are essential to our skin’s health. They take part in cell regeneration of the skin. For example, vitamin D helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Copper can improve elasticity and reduce inflammation. Vitamin C reduces sun damage. They also are a part of every function of the body, which is reflected in the skin. Virtually every vitamin and mineral plays a role in how beautiful your skin looks. Eat whole foods, including a wide array of fruits and vegetables.

4. Calm and Rest.

Managing stress and getting plenty of sleep are two of the most crucial things we can do to look young, healthy, and glowing. Our body regenerates as we sleep. Stress and              insomnia wreak havoc on our faces and overall skin health. Focus on finding calm and encouraging rest and sleep with the help of the following:

Magnesium: take this supplement before bed to truly promote deep, healing sleep.

Aromatherapy: try lavender, chamomile, bergamot, and clary sage, powerful tools for reducing stress and aiding sleep. 

Adaptogenics: try ashwagandha and rhodiola as supplements or add to your smoothie. These herbs help reduce the effects of stress on the body and, therefore, the skin.

5. Circulation.

Good circulation gives our skin a warm glow. It brings nutrients, moisture, and bacteria-fighting agents to our skin. Keep your circulation at its skin-boosting best with the         following:

Hydration: Our blood is mostly water. Our cells — including skin cells — are surrounded by and filled with water. This liquid carries nutrients and clears toxins. The benefits of  staying hydrated cannot be overstated. Make it a priority to drink enough water every single day.

Dry brushing: use a dry-brush or raw-silk gloves all over your body. This ancient Ayurvedic method improves lymph flow and circulation throughout the entire body. And it exfoliates. It’s double duty glow-inducing self-care for your skin. 

Exercise: movement will greatly improve circulation, thereby giving you glowing skin. Our blood is moved through the capillaries of our extremities by muscle activation. That means exercise methods like Pilates that target the entire body, including the small intrinsic muscles, will provide great benefits to circulation. The added result of reduced stress and improved calm from a mind-body method will give you healthy, beautiful skin to enjoy all summer long.

Erika Bloom