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The New York City 2019 Philanthropist to Watch: Elizabeth “Lizzie” da Trindade-Asher

Emerging on the New York City charity scene is young philanthropist, activist and entrepreneur Elizabeth “Lizzie” da Trindade-Asher who is on a mission to redefine the time-honored tradition of giving. Lizzie Asher is inciting a younger generation to get involved in philanthropy, and on her list of charitable initiatives is the relaunch of the Young Friends of Save Venice. Supporting one of the top charities in New York City, she is uniting an active group of young people to get involved in Save Venice’s fundraising efforts which helps to restore and preserve the historical artworks and architecture of Venice, Italy.

The Peruvian-born philanthropist and entrepreneur Lizzie da Trindade-Asher is inspired by the strong women in her life who have influenced her involvement in some of the most venerable causes. At the 65th Anniversary of Harvard Law School admitting women students, alumna Lizzie Asher delivered an impassioned speech to women graduates about the illusory idea of work/life balance. Lizzie’s general philosophy has been that trying to find a sense of balance will always throw you off-balance. As a result, Lizzie throws herself into her philanthropic commitments, business endeavors and family time.

When she is not spending quality time with her son Leonida Ezra, Lizzie and her husband, financier Daniel Ezra, make substantial financial contributions to the New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center to support cutting edge research and new techniques in the medical field. The dynamic pair credit Drs. Daniel Brodie and Matthew Bacchetta for using the life-saving therapy treatment ECMO (Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation) to help her recovery after she fell into a month-long coma from a blood clot that formed in her lungs while pregnant. The heartwarming documentary Lizzie Asher and Baby Leo tells the story of the emergency cesarean section and how the machine performs the function of lungs, allowing the impacted lungs to rest and recover. To watch their patient story, visit

The husband and wife duo also lead their own charity foundation, raising money for the Asher-Ezra Scholarship Fund which celebrated its tenth anniversary last year in 2018. The scholarship provides financial aid to underprivileged Latino children in the Bronx. The two Harvard alumni have found it truly gratifying to provide opportunities to young Latino children and other marginalized communities.

Since arriving in America at the age of 12, Lizzie’s family have held strongly to their Peruvian roots and culture. Namely, together with her sister, Melanie da Trindade-Asher, they have crafted the ultra-premium, naturally distilled pisco, Macchu Pisco–cleverly named after Peru’s gem recognized as one of the new 7 Wonders of the World, Macchu Picchu.

Melanie da Trindade-Asher, Lizzie da Trindade-Asher

Lizzie and Melanie have brought the signature spirit of Peru to the United States and internationally, emphasizing that the women-found, women-ran, and not inherited beverage brand works with a coop of women farmers and employs female grape pickers. Proudly pronouncing Macchu Pisco’s lack of male influence in the male-dominated wine and spirits industry, Lizzie is passionate about women being adequately represented in male-dominated spaces, supporting women’s social justice issues, and improving their well-being.

To some it may seem that Lizzie da Trindade-Asher has a lot on her plate but overcoming her own trials and tribulations has ignited a passion for helping those who lack access or resources. Lizzie Asher is a breath of fresh air, helping to redefine the institution of charitable giving in New York City.

About Macchu Pisco

Macchu Pisco was founded in 2006 by Lizzie Asher and her sister Melanie. Together the two have crafted an entirely new experience for discerning drinkers when they introduced the sublime spirit of Peru to the United States, Europe and beyond. While the sisters certainly cast a reverent eye toward tradition, Macchu Pisco is singular in its modern purity and complexity, and has been regarded as nothing less than revelatory by mixologists and the press. Macchu Pisco is currently available online and can be found at the finest restaurants and retailers around the world.

Macchu Pisco is a premium line made 100% from the quebranta grape. It is produced all naturally so, innately, it’s “all the highs without the lows.” Characterized by herbal, grassy and earthy notes, it rests for 1 year before being bottled at the estate.

For more information about Macchu Pisco, please visit:

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