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Dr. Anthony Maffei – When Optimal is Best

When you ask Dr. Anthony Maffei for his thoughts on mass-marketed, quick-fix procedures to lose weight or re-contour a body, he sadly shakes his head. He has the same response for over-the-counter pills that promise arousal and Zeus-like stamina for days on end.
“There’s lots of misinformation on the internet and in social media platforms about nutrition, exercise, snake-oil muscle-boosting agents, and shady body-contouring devices — many of which have little good scientific evidence to back them up,” says Dr. Maffei.
Dr. Maffei and his team at Advanced Surgeons in Westchester offer a variety of services: nutritional counseling and managed weight loss for those who simply need a collaborative approach for their goals; unique body-contouring to help achieve chiseled/washboard abs; age-management and hormone treatment therapies for anyone who wants to feel and perform better; and surgical strategies for those who want to achieve more significant weight loss.
In a recent conversation with Dr. Maffei, he acknowledged that’s a lot to capture in a short interview — after all, his experience and expertise could fill books. He says it’s important for potential patients to keep in mind the synergy of combined therapies, either in the short- or long-term.
He should know, as he’s benefited from some of these therapies firsthand. “After starting program therapies, I quickly realized the benefits when I went from 33 percent to 13 percent body fat, gained lean muscle mass, lowered my cholesterol, and reduced my diabetes-risk profile.”
Take hormone treatment therapy: Dr. Maffei specializes in hormone optimization, not just hormone balance. “It’s like the difference between driving a Honda versus a Ferrari. You can operate at normal, but you excel at optimal,” he says. “We offer a comprehensive, scientific approach to mitigate the effects of aging by providing a personalized diet/exercise/hormone plan to make you feel young again on many levels: improved muscle mass, sexual vitality, and mental acuity.”
Dr. Maffei’s practice is synonymous with optimization in other ways, too. One of Advanced Surgeons’ popular services is a type of body-contouring referred to as “ab-etching.”
“Ideal candidates are those who are relatively fit, excel at the gym, are lean and eat clean, but just can’t get the six-pack they desire,” says Dr. Maffei. ‘The procedure, SmartLipo, targets fat between the ab creases, removes the fat, and then treats the skin so that it essentially shrink wraps into the creases.” SmartLipo results in less downtime and quicker recovery than other liposuction techniques and is an ideal choice for many body parts, including the thighs and neck.
And then there are more significant weight loss strategies for people in excess of 80 pounds over their ideal body weight. Pioneers in the field of weight loss surgery, Dr. Maffei and his team perform a variety of bariatric procedures. The most popular is the sleeve gastrectomy, which can shrink a stomach the size of football to that of a banana. The procedure is performed through key-hole size incisions and takes roughly 90 minutes, resulting in less pain and quicker recovery than other gastric surgeries.
“Not only does it help you lose a significant amount of your excess body weight, but it’s also very effective at putting obesity-related medical conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and sleep apnea, into remission,” says Dr. Maffei.
Stay tuned for a deeper dive into Dr. Maffei’s practice in a future issue of Social Life.

Anthony Maffei, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Advanced Surgeons