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Elizabeth Arthur and Kimimi Swimwear

There’s a tradition at Social Life, something we look forward to every year: our annual conversation with Elizabeth Arthur. Known not only for her exclusive line of Kimimi Swimwear, a luxury line that looks just as stunning on plus sizes as it does on supermodels. Arthur is a do-gooder with an exceptional penchant for giving back to the community she knows and loves best: the Caribbean.
According to Arthur, her creations are meant to exemplify and accentuate feminine beauty and confidence with a wide variety of styles and patterns . . . inspired by the natural beauty of the butterfly.

“Kimimi is the Sioux word for butterfly, and, in the spirit of a butterfly, I want women to have wings,” says Arthur, who will be debuting new styles in the coming weeks. “Kimimi was created to express a woman’s beauty, and to acknowledge that we are all different and beautiful in our own way.” Today, her line is fully mature, landing on runways and at other events, including Fashion Week in New York City in September.
“The more I study women, their bodies, and the styles that they’re looking for, the more inspired I am,” says Arthur, who is enjoying phenomenal success. “I am on the right track, and feel very confident about the product I produce. I’m proud of myself, and so grateful to have so many people look up to me for who I am and what I stand for. I also want to be totally different from others.”
Something that should give Arthur exceptional pride is her commitment to young people. In fact, some of them, winners of a competition in the Caribbean, will be traveling to the Big Apple to see her show at Fashion Week. “Everything will be on point and in order,” says Arthur who says everyone can expect some great new items. “I want it to be very special.”
Why? She is a role model. Through her Elizabeth Arthur Foundation and other work, she is committed to the success of young people. In fact, she most recently awarded a number of cash prizes to students at Steyside High School in Trinidad and Tobago for their original fashion designs.
“These are kids who have financial hardship much of the time and are not able to express their skills in the ways that they’d like to. My mission is to create that opportunity for them,” says Arthur. “I was that girl at one time. I was the girl who had that big dream, and no one would hear me out. I had to do it on my own. I want to encourage girls and boys to dream big, and give them a little help. Anything can happen!”
Hear, hear!

Elizabeth Arthur | Kimimi Swimwear