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Rachel’s Radar – Summer Necessities

Summer is a time when you don’t need much — only a few great items and a beach. Here are some of my must-haves. 
Hair care is key says my only trusted colorist, Abby Haliti. A few other essential hair-care tips are to cut back on heat styling, limit sun and chlorine exposure (wet your hair before jumping in the pool), use moisturizing products to keep hair healthy (Davines/MOMO is amazing for dehydrated hair), and get a trim. Also, wear a hat if you’re going to be exposed to the sun all day, but also be mindful that this can accelerate heat/sweat, which is why you should still always use a sunscreen to help protect your hair.
I like my beach hats to be so big they flop over my head! Neutral colors make packing much easier because mostly everything will match. I would definitely check out Cabana in Southampton. Julie, the owner, is really great at merchandising. Two brands that I love are Lolo and Filuhats (from Italy).
I would get something crochet. How about a bikini, which will last a lifetime, never stretching too much. I love the brands that Moda Operandi carries. A crochet dress works great from a boat to a restaurant with a little slide or mule. My personality comes out in my accessories. My travel jewelry comes from Erwin Pearl, available online, in some airports, around the U.S., and at Rockefeller Center. I love the price points and the variety of finds. I am currently wearing their huggy earrings, which are reversible. How cool. From day to night I just switch sides for two different looks. They also have amazing chains I can layer. 
When I travel in the summer, I always bring along the perfect wedge heel since they can be almost as comfortable as sneakers, depending on the height and make. I always look for cork material and have had luck with Jimmy Choo and Soludos brands. 
Large bags. I fill bags with more in summer than in winter (sunblock, bikini, sunglasses, etc.) so I need a bag that can handle me from day to night. Some of my favorites are from Caterina Bertini. These summer bags can fit more than the average shoulder bags. They also look very Chanel-esque but for much less. I am also loving all-white bags paired with cool straps.
The essential summer jean for me is a white wide leg. I found my perfect pair at Zara and bought three pairs. This summer, brand names are not all that it takes to get my attention. I like whatever makes me feel summer fresh. Having a clean white T-shirt by the dozen is always a must, and I love the ATM brand 
I love vintage anything. My Gucci sunglasses are unique and make any outfit that much cooler. 
Vianel. I love anything bespoke because it is chic. This brand’s design is minimal, which I also really like. I can keep something for years without getting bored. This brand makes phone cases, Juul holders, portable battery chargers, and little everything holders that are just fantastic.