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Summer Wellness in the Hamptons

By Erika Bloom

Summer in the Hamptons is an ideal time to realize new wellness rituals. The peaceful beauty of nature sets the environment. The slow pace grants time to connect with oneself. On offer is a wide array of both products and places to foster your new wellness practices.

Begin the day with a meditative walk on an ocean beach. Protect your skin with just a light layer of Josh Rosebrook SPF nutrient day cream from the boutique at Erika Bloom Pilates (Water Mill and East Hampton).

When you return, head to Mandala to begin or deepen your yoga practice. Daily classes focus on breath, centering, and alignment (Amagansett).

When you can, steal some time outside in the shade to journal. Daily journaling provides calm, clarity, intention, and gratitude. Turpan sells beautiful writing utensils among its home goods offerings (East Hampton).

Have a light lunch with friends and keep your cell phone put away. Then follow lunch with a private Pilates session at Erika Bloom Pilates. Experience full-body toning, aligning body work, and a deepened connection to the self all in one hour (Water Mill and East Hampton).

While you’re there, hit the boutique to grab some Surfpaste, a strong, but non-toxic and clean, sunscreen and head back to the beach for an afternoon dip. Connecting to the ocean by submerging yourself in the water is healing and invigorating.

Before dinner, show yourself gratitude with a luxurious oxygen facial at Onda. Take the time to find quiet and self-reflection and leave with glowing, healthy skin. Shop the store on your way out for facial care products to continue the ritual at home. Kristina Holey + Marie Veronique Micronutrient and Hydromask is a beautiful way to provide nutrients and hydration and it can be used as a mask or left on overnight (Sag Harbor).

An early dinner allows the body time to digest before bed. Eat healthy, local, naturally grown vegetables from Balsam Farms (Amagansett). Eating local and in season boosts the healing properties of your food. It encourages variety and rotation in what you eat, and the vegetables are picked fresh and ripe from the soil, which can mean a greater density of nutrients. 

Prepare for bed with a detoxifying and exfoliating ritual. Begin by dry brushing with the Joanna Vargas dry brush. Then rinse in the shower to remove dead skin cells. Finish by soaking in a bath with Pursoma Minerals de Mer (all from Lotions and Potions at Malia Mills, Southampton).

Bring on sleep with Nue Co Sleep Drops and Magnesium Ease from Free People Movement (Montauk). 

Erika Bloom Pilates