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Award-Winning Southampton Inn Opens Claude’s Gallery

Featuring Renowned Artists Ceravolo, Candice CMC, Charles Ford, & Robin Morris, Curated by ARDT Gallery

After recent renovations, the Southampton Inn joined the East End art community with the opening of “Claude’s Gallery at the Southampton Inn” with a cocktail reception. The Gallery, located between the main lobby of the Southampton Inn and Claude’s Restaurant, featured beautiful artwork from renowned artists Ceravolo and Candice CMC, as well as local artists Charles Ford and Robin Morris. The art exhibit was curated by ARDT Gallery. Pianist Betsy Hirsch performed at the reception.  Shane Moan Lighting Design provided and designed the Gallery’s lighting.

Ceravolo, Candice CMC, Justin Ceravolo ©Richard Lewin

Notable attendees included: Artists Ceravolo and Candice CMC, Dede Gotthelf, Terry Moan, Shane Moan, Glenn Vickers from Discover the Hamptons, Diane Tucci Southampton Cultural Center (SCC) Board Member and Winterfest; Julie Fitzgerald, Southampton Village (assistant to the Mayor); Justin Ceravolo, Artist Nickol Renae, Pianist Betsy Hirsch, Elise Douglas of Corcoran, Angela Boyer of Sotheby’s, Village Trustees Kimberly Allan, Andrew Pilaro, and Mark Parash; Liliane Questel of Pianofest, Popstar Aaron Paul, and Luciana Pampalone.

Shane Moan, Elise Douglas ©Richard Lewin
Justin Ceravolo, Artist Nickol Renae ©Richard Lewin

About Ceravolo

For more than thirty years, the trend-setting style of Ceravolo’s large-scale, provocative paintings has received international acclaim.

Born in New York, Ceravolo was introduced to drawing at an early age, but it was not until college that he first experimented with painting. For this reason, New York art critic Malcolm Preston has called him a “post adolescent prodigy.”

Ceravolo, Benday Sophia

Ceravolo’s paintings came to popular attention when he was commissioned to create six large-scale portraits for the lobby of The Palladium Theatre, in New York City. In an interview, New York concert producer Ron Delsener said that “When a musical artist of tremendous stature plays the Palladium Theatre, we commission Ceravolo to paint their portrait for the lobby of the theatre to honor and commemorate their performance.” In addition to those portraits, his paintings are in many influential corporate and private collections, including: ELTON JOHN, ROD STEWART, ALICE COOPER, HUGH HEFNER, DAVID BRENNER, MONIQUE VAN VOOREN, WARNER BROS AND RCA RECORDS to name a few.

Ceravolo’s paintings combine abstract and realistic work on the same large-scale canvas. The figures are always painted in shades of gray, black and white and the abstract area of the canvas is a spontaneous application of paint which adds color and texture and is the perfect complement to the gray realistic image.

Candice CMC

Born and raised in New York and residing in Southampton, Candice has earned degrees in graphic design, advertising art, and photography.  Always interested in fine art, Candice decided to turn her graphic design expertise into a new form of fine art photography.  When asked about her art, Candice said “I wanted to create art that was fun and that would take the viewer by surprise.”

Candice CMC, Superman Donuts

With her photo arrangements of enticing donuts in varying flavors and colors she has created iconic portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Einstein, Groucho, Alfred E. Neuman, Van Gogh, Superman, Willy Wonka and Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, among others. By composing these portraits, Candice is forging a unique style of photography and creating extraordinary, one of a kind, works of art.  Her distinctive art hangs in many corporate and private collections and can be seen on social media sites world-wide.

Candice first photographs the donuts and then studies the characteristics of each so that she can arrange them according to their tones, colors, values and intensity to create the iconic portrait. She chooses the correct placement of just the right donut for each area of the artwork. The art is created to appear as a pop art image of hundreds of random donuts. The WOW factor comes when you look at the artwork through a camera and see the donuts small and the portrait appears. Collectors are amazed by this and can’t understand how it’s done. All they know is that they want one.

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