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Bunkr: A Survival Essentials Brand and Subscription Box To Launch In The Wake Of COVID-19 Pandemic


Experiential marketing expert and entrepreneur Zev Norotsky, who launched his brand incubator entity ENTER in 2016, announces the launch of his newest venture, Bunkr. Norotsky, who has a wide range of investments in startups across the hospitality and consumer products industries, introduces the newly concepted lifestyle brand Bunkr, dedicated to educating and ultimately providing survival essentials and gear, aimed at keeping consumers fully prepared for emergency situations. 

The first offering is delivered in the form of a sleek and modern footlocker complete with over 40 curated essentials, after which, subscribers will receive exclusive product offerings, refills and additions to their kit based on seasonal or emerging concerns. The initial offering is $249 which includes the limited Bunkr footlocker and one complimentary edition of the supplemental service with subsequent boxes coming in at cost of $49 to the subscriber.   

How Bunkr Club works

Step 1: The Footlockr

Purchase the inaugural footlockr case from Bunkr and automatically register for future subscription boxes arriving each season. The first seasonal box is completely free ($49 value) with your completed order for the Footlockr and will automatically arrive early Summer 2020.

Step 2: Join The Club

For $49/quarter, you will receive a curated package of survival essentials products. On average, you receive 6-8 items per quarter and every season is different. 

Step 3:  Unlock the Power of Membership

Membership doesn’t end with your seasonal package. From custom curated content, to members-only pricing at Bunkr, unlock more perks than any other preparedness service. 

A percentage of the sales of each Bunkr item purchased will be donated to Feeding America, an organization dedicated to supporting Food banks and pantries across the country while continuing to ensure our most vulnerable neighbors have the food they need.

During this unprecedented time in our country, Americans are quickly learning the importance of preparation. Bunkr is designed to provide a proactive solution that anticipates potential needs via a long term commitment to awareness, education, and seasonal home delivery of best in class survival essentials. Products will range, including items such as multi-functioning pocket knife tools, solar power banks, sustainable food items, face masks, sterile rubber gloves, canteens and much more. It is designed with an appeal to the savvier consumer who has a continued interest in learning about new products that can help them in times of need, while serving as the de facto lifestyle essentials kit for your home.

With events nationwide currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Norotsky had the immediate idea for the concept of Bunkr, outlined the elements, collaboratively designed the product, secured partner brands to come on board with this niche yet essential box, and is now in production. Bunkr is getting ready to ship its launch product to Americans within the next 30 days. The website, is currently live to join the waiting list for domestic orders, with future plans to expand both product offerings as well as international distribution.

Norotsky, recently profiled in Adweek, notes “ENTER has always been a brand incubator at the forefront of culture and whether it’s on behalf of one of our major brand partners like AB InBev, AT&T, lululemon or ultimately ourselves, we aren’t about to let this crisis keep us down.”

Norotsky is known as one of the foremost cultural marketers in the country and in addition to serving as CEO of the award-winning experiential events agency, he also recently opened Agency Coffee Co., a ‘grab and go’ coffee window located in the bustling Melrose Avenue streetwear district of Los Angeles, which doubles as creative office space for his ENTER agency team. The location allows for him to have vendors delivering event materials and product to their rear storage area, the middle retail space acts as a functioning creative office space, and the front portion, the only part visible to customers, is a consumer-facing coffee window offering coffees, teas, juices and fresh pastries with coffee partner La Colombe.