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DAHlicious Organic Officially Announces Partnership With Rachel Hunter

DAHlicious Organic, America’s #1 India-style USDA organic yogurt brand officially announces supermodel, yogi, and meditation enthusiast Rachel Hunter as an official brand partner. Rachel’s values, meditation practices, and yogi lifestyle complement the brand’s ancient Indian values of harmony and balance.  DAHlicious is a leader in the probiotic food market, supporting gut health, with 15 billion live probiotics per serving. 

“We are in uncharted waters at the moment, an unprecedented time with so much uncertainty. We wanted to join together to be able to share the significance of yoga and meditation for our wellbeing. I have partnered with the incredible brand DAHlicious Organic, that understands the importance of gut health paired with the emphasis of these practices, to spread this mindful message.” – Rachel Hunter

DAHlicious Organic is a company that is authentic to harmonious beliefs and delivers a slow-cultured lifestyle. Through the partnership with Rachel Hunter, who spends much of her time in India studying these ancient principles and practices of harmony and balance, the core of the DAHlicious brand, DAHlicious is able to bring consumers Rachel’s respected meditation techniques. 

Meditation and yoga, paired with the probiotic-rich lassi and yogurt products, is the essence of the DAHlicious brand and lifestyle. The core values of mediation and yoga are a vital way to keep people connected and balanced mindfully,  while things beyond our control are happening around the world.

The additional values of DAHlicious mirror the ancient Indian values of harmony, balance, and taking time to appreciate each “dahlicious” moment of life.  DAHlicious Organic owns leadership in the yogurt category, as America’s #1 India-style yogurt brand with distribution in leading natural and mass retailers nationwide. “India-style” is positioned to be the next great origin story in the yogurt category, offering retailers the chance to bring innovation to their set and excite consumers with an authentic and approachable brand story. 

Ajeet Burns, President of DAHlicious Organic, notes, “We are excited to have Rachel on board as a partner. Through her journey, her energy, extensive knowledge of the wellness and yoga space, and slow cultured lifestyle, she embodies the message we aim to convey to consumers with DAHlicious. This is a time when consumers are looking for products that provide nourishment and products that boost immunity. Our brand combines both of these elements and offers a delicious alternative in the probiotic food market with 15 billion live probiotics per serving. We take pride in offering products that promote gut health and encourage a mindful lifestyle.” 

With the widespread outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a global concern and urge for individual health and wellbeing through conscious behaviors and diet.  People must be mindful of what they are consuming, pushing them to stock up on food and beverages that boost the immune system and are high in probiotics.

In addition to the expanded partnership with Rachel,  DAHllicious has also launched its  “Heart Chakra” 3+1=4 initiative. This pay it forward program supports the Front Line. Through social media and social partners, the brand is asking the community to nominate friends, loved ones, and anyone they know on the front line (nurse, doctor, grocery store clerk, etc.) to receive a care package to support their immune system. Each engaged partner will give away 31 care packages, 3+1=4, The Heart Chakra.

DAHlicious’ refined points of differences include “India-style,” “slow-cultured,” and “high probiotic – 15 billion live probiotics per serving” on all yogurts. “India-Style” and “Slow-Cultured” reflect the ancient Indian techniques of culturing yogurt at lower temperatures for longer times than most, if not all, modern-day yogurt brands. The result is a high-probiotic, richly-textured, intensely-flavorful yogurt which is great for digestive health.  As many leading competitors do not declare the actual probiotic count, DAHlicious Organic remains committed to probiotic count transparency. To reinforce this message, DAHlicious Organic is the first yogurt brand to make a probiotic count that is consistent per serving across all product lines. The consistency is designed to educate the consumer on what “high probiotic” means and associate 15 billion probiotics with DAHlicious Organic. 

DAHlicious Organic offers two lines of yogurt: 100% grass-fed organic whole milk dairy lassi, and almond milk cup yogurts. The dairy line consists of lassi (the Hindi name for drinkable yogurt) in 32oz and 7oz bottles. The plant-based line consists of almond cup yogurt in one 5.3oz size.  The flavor varieties currently being offered by DAHlicious Organic include Mango, Strawberry,  Blueberry, Vanilla and Plain.

Ahead of Expo East in Fall 2019, DAHlicious Organic was chosen as “Editor’s Pick” for their 100% Grass-Fed organic whole milk strawberry lassi by New Hope Network’s Natural Food Merchandiser (NFM) for Beverage Category Innovation.  According to New Hope Network’s Natural Food Merchandiser, “A departure from the traditional mango lassi, this USDA certified organic strawberry lassi offers a ‘refreshing flavor change.’  Made from 100% grass-fed dairy yogurt, each 7 fl. oz bottle serves up 15 billion live probiotics. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, or an on-the-go snack. Looking for plant-based?

DAHlicious Organic yogurt and lassi can be found at select natural and conventional retailers across the country, including Walmart, Publix, Market Basket, and Bristol Farms.