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Peter Wells and DragonSlayer: Travel App CEO says “We Will Fly Again”

Peter Wells, CEO of DragonSlayer, a one-of-a-kind app that helps you curate unique travel experiences, wants us to remember what it felt like to travel. He wants us to remember hopping on a plane and flying off to your favorite vacation destination. He wants us to remember because those times arent’s far away from returning. 

Created less than a year ago, DragonSlayer’s original purpose was to consolidate these journeys. Not only will it help you climb Mt. Killamanjaro (for example), DragonSlayer will find the best outfitter to assist you; doing the homework and making the trip that much easier and engaging. When asked about the title Peter jokes, “obviously, I was watching a bunch of Game of Thrones,” adding, “the dragon we’re slaying is the Coronavirus by helping people navigate the world.” 


One of DragonSlayer’s most notable features is called SAFE-T (Smart Analytics For Educating Travelers), which gives travelers with DragonSlayer real-time info on countries that are reopening and if open, where the safest places to go are located. Even though there are be a lot of us who are thinking, “until there is a vaccine, I’m not traveling,” Peter firmly believes that there are people who are yearning for getaways now more than ever; and they’re looking to do it as safely as possible. 

DragonSlayer will also rank every country in the world and every state in America based on safety and availability. “Some places feel as though they have a handle on the situation and are now looking to get money back into their economies,” Wells says.  

Safe Skies Initiative

Peter created the Safe Skies Initiative, an effort to encourage the FAA, CDC, and Homeland Security to work with airports to ensure rapid testing and safer travel. Wells states that the countries that are considering reopening (like Greece on the 1st of July and St. Lucia in mid-June to name a few) are requiring testing when you get off the plane. “There are so many places that are dependent on tourism. They may have to let people in based on practicality,” 

The travel industry represents roughly 10% of the global GDP and employs over seven million people in the U.S. Essentially if we can make boarding a flight and flying off safe once more we can see an economic rebound. “There are so many places that are dependent on tourism. They may have to let people in based on practicality,” Wells says, “I see a path through Safe Skies where international and domestic travel can open up again and we can actually see the world normalized.”

Return To Flights

When requirements such as wearing masks and getting tested before flights are implemented, a resurgence in travel will be a reality. “It’s almost like we’ve been in jail” Peter states, “And when we’re free everything will look more beautiful, everything will taste that much better and we will appreciate every trip we take.”  Traveling will be about more than just going out to the beach and drinking. Peter optimistically remarks, “I relish the opportunity to help so many people travel safely, I think it’s important to our healing process.”