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We Love This Guy: Hollywood’s Hunkiest Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Michael Newman, talks about his “Forever Breast Reconstruction” surgery and being a caring physician.

Forever Breast Reconstruction 

With Breast Cancer Awareness Month in full gear, those assisting with research and treatment, as well as survivors help bring understanding and raise funds for attention to its cause, prevention, diagnosis, and cure. Dr. Michael Newman, who has recently been named Beverly Hills’ Hunkiest Plastic Surgeon by LAPALME Magazine, is doing his part; offering “Forever Breast Reconstruction” for female cancer patients. Dr. Newman says, “Working with breast cancer patients is truly one of the most gratifying aspects of plastic surgery. Their courage is inspiring,” 

Newman explains that cancer patients frequently have an instinctive urge to worry about reconstruction later on. He says that as plastic surgeons, their duty is to educate patients so informed decisions can be made about reconstruction, especially since so many options are available. They also offer emotional support since the stress from cancer treatments can be extremely exhausting. “Breast cancer patients often have many mountains to climb as part of their treatment, such as chemotherapy, radiation, cancer removal surgery, and reconstruction to name a few,” states Newman.

The Beauty of Fat Transfer

The California-based doctor performs all procedures popular among plastic surgeons but specializes in a variety of fat transfer procedures that relocate fat from unwanted areas, usually the abdomen, to the breasts after mastectomy surgery.  In contrast to fat transfer for cosmetic breast augmentation which can be done through tiny incisions, fat transfer for breast reconstruction typically requires larger incisions through a procedure often referred to as flap reconstruction.  Flap tissue can also be harvested from other areas such as the back, buttocks, and thighs, often with a secondary benefit of flattening the area where the fat has been removed.

The standard for breast reconstruction for ages has been breast implants. However, with Forever Breast Reconstruction, an entire block of tissue can be used to reconstruct the breast without the need for an implant. This eliminates the need for monitoring or replacement. Dr. Newman elaborates by stating implants have a lifespan on them and eventually wear out and have to be replaced, but fat lasts forever and changes with your body. He concludes his thought by saying, “We often refer to fat as liquid gold.”

A Compassionate Doctor

Dr. Newman has been regarded by his patients for his thoughtful and compassionate demeanor, something that is sadly not present with some physicians today. “Plastic surgery is a very personal choice and path. I think it’s important for patients or clients to have someone they feel comfortable talking to; it’s a very personal journey,” Dr. Newman explains, before continuing with, “they need to feel comfortable having a conversation with somebody that’s calming and confident. Understanding is also very important in order to communicate their goals and to get great results.”

Plastic Surgery’s Reward

Dr. Newman’s kind nature along with his wealth of knowledge is setting a new standard for plastic surgeons. He’s putting many misconceptions on plastic surgery to bed by not only answering all of his patients’ questions but also educating them about plastic surgery along the way and producing high-quality results. Newman states, “It’s fantastic. I think ultimately, as people that have been through so much education; we’re educators. We love to spread knowledge as a physician so educating people on plastic surgery is fantastic, exciting, rewarding, gratifying.”