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Brownings Fitness Specialized Nutritional Counseling Produces Optimal Results

Founder and CEO of Brownings Fitness, Mary Ann Browning, has for years been a renowned leader in the wellness industry. Dedicated clients turn to her to guide them on their journey to ultimate health. A well-rounded lifestyle is achieved through a notable nutritional program the health guru established alongside her one-of-a-kind workout regimen.

The successful Browning Method program praised by the likes of celebrities, athletes and business professionals includes three different tier packages that are curated for individual needs to produce optimum results. After a private consultation, clients receive suggested types of supervised plans that help them accomplish their personal goals and needs.

Tier 3 – Eight-Week Program

  • Almost 24/7 text call or email service. This component is important as it allows Mary Ann to customize your plan meal by meal. This will also teach you how to plan your meals on your own once you’ve reached your goal.
  • Offers on going check-in’s and maintenance planning
  • Meeting with your chef and or arranging her own who delivers customized meals to your home, office, and anywhere in the city or Southampton.
  • She will send groceries as well as work with your staff for shopping and cooking If needed.
  • She’ll come to your home or office and empty and restock the cupboards to set you up for success.
  • Meet with you as regularly as you need
  • Can train you and/or guide your trainer if you have one

Tier 2 – Five-Week Program

  • Is as above without the 24/7 contact, but at least twice a day
  • Once per week grocery shop if needed for the first month
  • Reviewing of menus and meal planning for the following day
  • Planning done in advance the day or night before, rather than day of as Tier 3

Tier 1 – Four-week program

  • Guided meal plan customized to you
  • Reviewing of menus can be requested in advance (ex. need to send 24 hours prior to meal)
  • One check in per day from Mary Ann in the evening to discuss your eating and make adjustments for the following day
Mary Ann Browning ©Brownings Fitness

These are not just programs but ways of life to adhere to. Plain old diets do not work in the long-term so you need to make and sustain these adjustments to your lifestyle. The inclusive personal touch even goes as far as helping set up a scale in your room when you travel or getting on the phone and ordering your food at a restaurant prior to your arrival in order to defeat any temptation. It is this incredible attention to detail that makes the program admired for help with food selections, as equally as the inclusion of the Browning Method outstanding one-of-a-kind fitness program. Workouts added onto the plans are either with her or one the studio’s reputable trainers. Conditioning sessions can take place at the new 72 Madison Avenue location in Manhattan, virtual, as well as outdoor locations such as Central Park or houses in the Hamptons.

Before an individual signs up for the nutritional program, they go through a specialized counseling session to determine what tier will work best to achieve goals. It is not just a recommendation given to a client, but rather a heartfelt form of encouragement. Browning and her team are there for you every step of the way.

“I can help change a person’s life by making them physically stronger and help them eat healthier at the same time,” she states. “I am not just building a better body with workouts and food selections. I am building a person’s confidence.”

Producing results that last a lifetime without sacrificing quality of life is the incredible triumph of Brownings Fitness.

For more information on Brownings Fitness and to book client sessions please visit their website at:

About Mary Ann Browning:

Founder and President of Brownings Fitness, Mary Ann Browning is one of the most sought after trainers in New York City. Celebrities, socialites and moguls alike, train with her because she produces results that last a lifetime without sacrificing quality of life.

Mary Ann has been featured in publications such as Allure, Elle, Vogue, Self, Fitness Magazine, Town and Country, and The New York Times. She has also appeared Good Day NY, Bloomberg TV, The Today Show, and appears regularly on Fox 5 with her client Rosanna Scotto.

The founder is a certified trainer in MESC, NASM, AFTA, Pilates, Spinning, Swimming and Running Coach, Sports and Nutrition, and Yoga. Mary Ann has competed in the Boston Marathon and the New York Marathon as well as 37 marathons worldwide, and six Iron Man competitions. Mary Ann holds a degree in Sports and Nutrition.

Prior to becoming a personal trainer, Mary Ann was a ballerina with the Johannesburg Ballet Company in South Africa, as well as the Munich Ballet Company. Mary Ann attended the Royal Academy Ballet School in London, and was awarded the Margot Fonteyn Award for the Dancer Most Likely to Succeed.