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Black & White Gallery / Project Space is delighted to present the group exhibition En Plein Air Reloaded: Green Fuse. The show, which will be on view from July 23rd – August 29th will feature the works of artists including Cristina del Campo, Isadora Capraro, Megan Foster, Jack Henry, Michael Krondl, and the late Shimon Okshteyn.

The in-person opening reception will be held on Friday, July 23rd from 6 to 9pm on the lawn of the gallery new space in Southampton, NY.

The show brings together artists with unique perspectives and diverse backgrounds, who propose new experiences rooted in nature endlessly re-forming and reshaping itself. Through their uses of contemporary artistic forms, in various scenarios and formats—each with their own conventions — they each infuse life into dead fragments and propose different modes of contemplation: of nature and the boundaries between the visible and invisible; of the firmament that surrounds us as part of that nature; and of life through art. They invite the public to approach their surrounding reality in a poetic-artistic-ecological way.

The show will feature over 30 works with highlights including Birds of a Feather Flock Together by Shimon Okshteyn from 2019; Purple Bear by Megan Foster from 2017; Wilderness 2 by Jack Henry from 2020; Environment #3 by Cristina del Campo from 2012; Beach Grass Drawing by Michael Krondl from 2021; and Red Landscape by Isadora Capraro from 2020.

Black & White Gallery / Project Space is located at 55 Island Creek Road, Southampton, NY 11968. Exhibition hours: Open to the public on Saturday and Sunday, noon-5pm, but must be scheduled in advance and Monday-Friday by appointment only. If you are interested in checking out the exhibition, visitors must schedule the appointment by clicking on “Schedule Gallery Visit” button located on the home page of the gallery website Instagram: @bwg_ps | Facebook: @blwgps

About Black & White Gallery / Project Space:
Black & White Gallery/ Project Space was founded in New York in 2002. From the start, the Gallery has been committed to cultivating promising artists in the initial and more advanced phases of their careers exploring contemporary themes and concepts through multiple mediums. The Gallery’s original location was a unique industrial indoor/outdoor ground floor space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn – the breeding ground of emerging talent at that time. From 2006 to 2010 Black & White Gallery operated from two locations – Williamsburg and Chelsea. In 2010 the Chelsea location was closed, and not-for-profit Black & White Project Space was established. From 2010 to 2012 both the Gallery and Project Space operated side by side presenting simultaneous exhibition programs out of the Gallery’s original indoor/outdoor location in Williamsburg.

From 2015 to 2018 Black & White Gallery / Project Space operated from its new brick-and-mortar space in Bushwick, Brooklyn – the new creative hub of New York City. Going forward, the Gallery continues to experiment with different exhibition modules both in digital and physical spaces with their new location in Southampton.