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Iconic Chuck’s Vintage Hosts Holiday Soiree With Nightlife Legend Carmen D’Alessio

Iconic Chuck’s Vintage hosted a Holiday Party with nightlife legend Carmen D’Alessio of Studio 54 fame. The festive event was a celebration of Chuck’s success since its New York City debut this past fall and the spirit of the Holiday season, while party goers enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres. Many guests brought unwrapped gifts for the Toys for Tots program which helps deliver millions of toys to children in need year-round.

Carmen D’Alessio ©Patrick McMullan

Some notable guests included: Carmen D’Alessio, Omar Hernandez, Dr. Robi Ludwig, Tina Radziwill, Regina Kravitz, Kelly Fleischmann, Adele Nino, Popstar Aaron Paul, Luciana Pampalone, Sara Johnson Kaplan, Olga Litvinenko, Alvaro Luna, Maria Elena Christiansen, Roy Kean, Shelly Bromfield, Nanette Bruhn, Melina Bruhn, Vasyl Boikiv, and Sallie Rose.

About Chuck’s Vintage:

Chuck’s Vintage founder​, ​Madeline Cammarata, was always about making people smile through clothing. Honoring her legacy with gifts from this timeless store will stretch the joy on with denim lovers in your life. Even those who like a gift that is not just your everyday department store ordinary will fall in love with a present from here.

In 2006, Madeline started Chuck’s Vintage, which overnight became a true American original. Her abundant collection became treasured wear for celebrities and business elites from Steve Jobs to ​famous musicians such as Dolly Parton, Robert Plant, Morrisey and more. From the famous to just pure classic style lovers, they have all at one point crossed the threshold of Chuck’s Vintage in the California hotspot shop​ -​ where even once a world-renown​ed​ denim archivist saw fit to entrust Madeline with millions of dollars’ worth of collectible denim that she ​proudly sold.

The new store’s ​showcase of vintage denim that must be seen to be believed. The blue jeans in the Upper East Side location​ will​ range from Strongholds found in the California Gold Rush mines to World War II-Era Levi’s, Lees, and Wranglers, as well as 1960’s ladies high-waisted and groovy deadstock Levi’s bells. Chuck’s ​will ​also showcase the founder’s sampling of vintage American workwear: rugged military and work boots, buttery leather bomber jackets, and soft, perfectly worn-in vintage 70’s rock tees. Classic American Cool.

Visit the flagship retail outlet to shop for ​time-honored clothing at 173 East 91st Street, Basement, New York, NY 10128.

For more information, please visit

Dr. Robi Ludwig ©Patrick McMullan
Tina Radziwill, Kelly Fleischmann ©Patrick McMullan
Sara Johnson Kaplan ©Patrick McMullan
Olga Litvinenko ©Patrick McMullan