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Philanthropist & Board Member Jean Shafiroff Hosts Luncheon in Honor of American Humane

Jean Shafiroff, Board Member, philanthropist, television host, and author, hosted an outdoor luncheon at Swiftys at The Colony Hotel in Palm Beach, FL in honor of American Humane and its Executive Director, Dr. Robin Ganzert, and Board President, John Payne.

The luncheon was attended by just over 20 guests.  Those in attendance included Jean Shafiroff, Dr. Robin Ganzert, John Payne, Sharon Bush, Ramona Singer, Christine Schott, Ava Roosevelt, Patty Raynes, Kim Renk, Kim Charlton, Alex Hamer, David Hochberg, Paola Bacchini, Danielle Rollins, Robert Caravaggi, Vicki Schneps, Megan McCartney, Lauren Roberts, and Melinda Rockwell.

Jean Shafiroff spoke about the wonderful work that the charity does before introducing Robin Ganzert. The group was excited to learn more about American Humane and the upcoming Pups4Patriots Dinner, which will take place in Palm Beach on Monday, February 28, 2022.

Jean Shafiroff, Rosita ©Annie Watt

About American Humane:

American Humane is the country’s first national humane organization. Founded in 1877, American Humane is committed to ensuring the safety, welfare and well-being of animals, and our leadership programs are first to serve in promoting and nurturing the bonds between animals and people. For more information or to support our work, please visit and follow us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

About Jean Shafiroff:

Jean Shafiroff is a philanthropist, humanitarian, TV host, writer, and the author of the book “Successful Philanthropy: How to Make a Life By What You Give”. Jean is often referred to as “the first lady of philanthropy” by the press because of her generosity and extensive work as a volunteer fundraiser and leader in the philanthropic world. She serves on the boards of many charitable organizations and each year chairs upwards of eight different charity galas. Among the many causes she champions are those involved in women’s rights, rights of the underserved, health care, and animal welfare.

Jean serves on the boards of the American Humane, Southampton Hospital Association, NYC Mission Society, French Heritage Society, Couture Council of the Museum at FIT, Global Strays, New York Women’s Foundation, Casita Maria, and Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation Honorary Board. A Catholic, she served on the board of the Jewish Board for 28 years and now is one of their honorary trustees.

F: jean.shafiroff | T: @JeanShafiroff | I: @JeanShafiroff @JeanShafiroffAtWork

Christine Schott Ledes, Robert Caravaggi ©Annie Watt
Jean Shafiroff, Ramona Singer, Rosita ©Annie Watt