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Lifeline New York to Host Benefit Dinner in New York City

Dinner will benefit children’s hospitals in Serbia with half of the proceeds helping Ukrainian refugee children

Lifeline New York will host their benefit dinner at Il Postino Ristorante in New York City on Sunday, May 15th, 2022. The dinner will benefit children’s hospitals in Serbia, with half of the proceeds also going towards helping Ukrainian refugee children. Lifeline Humanitarian Organization is an international humanitarian organization that was founded in 1993 in response to the tragic situation in the former Yugoslavia, which was plagued by conflict and sanctions. Lifeline’s mission is to alleviate and relieve the suffering of physically and mentally disabled children, orphans, and the elderly, as well as to improve medical facilities throughout the country.

About Lifeline:

Lifeline New York is a 501c(3) registered not-for-profit whose patron is HRH Crown Princess Katherine. The foundation was established in Belgrade in 2001 to improve the health and welfare of all those in need in Serbia regardless of religion or ethnic origin. HRH Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia inspired the work of Lifeline New York in exile with her husband HRH Crown Prince Alexander. During those trying years, HRH Crown Princess Katherine worked tirelessly to provide humanitarian assistance to Serbia.

For further information concerning Lifeline, please visit

T: @LifelineNYorg | I: @Lifelinenewyork