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Padma Lakshmi Hosts DAH! Intimate Dinner in the West Village

Culinary Expert, Board Advisor and Brand Partner, Padma Lakshmi hosted an intimate dinner to celebrate her brand partnership with DAH! India Inspired Yogurt at Semma Southern Indian cuisine restaurant in the West Village of NYC.

The multi-course menu featured DAH!’s signature Lassi probiotic-rich smoothie incorporated into dishes created by Chef Vijay Kumar. 

PHOTO by: Michael Simon/

The dinner kicked off with remarks by DAH! CEO Pamela Goldberg for the intimate room of 75 guests, followed by a beautiful speech by DAH! partner and award-winning producer and host Padma Lakshmi. Padma’s Hulu show Taste of The Nation just received a James Beard award this week, the day before she accepted three honors at the Critics Choice Awards.

The drink selection included Semma’s signature Feni cocktail, custom cocktails by El Cristiano Ultra Premium Tequila, inclusive of a candied rim DAH! Tequila-infused Lassi shooter, a Skurnick Indian wine selection of hand-selected reds and whites, and 1947 Indian Craft Beer paired, with delicious passed appetizers, kicked off the evening on the warm Summer night, followed by a seated multi-course dinner. Guests were also offered henna design by a traditional henna artist.

PHOTO by: Michael Simon/

The multi-course meal of Southern Indian cuisine highlighted DAH! Plain Lassi in the majority of the delicious dishes such as Dahi Puri, Kozhi Allepey and Thayir Vadai, also paired with a variety of traditional Southern Indian sides. Dinner was followed by a custom dessert, Thayir Mambazham, in which Chef featured their award-winning Mango Lassi Probiotic Yogurt Smoothie. Vegan options were also offered using DAH! almond yogurt.

About DAH!:

PHOTO by: Michael Simon/

DAH! (da-hee) India-inspired products are crafted with wholesome ingredients and slow-cultured for the highest probiotic count and incredible flavor. The slow-culturing process, rooted in ancient Indian traditions, coupled with unique buttermilk cultures, yield yogurts with 15B probiotics per serving. DAH! Yogurts have lower sugar because we use real fruit and other wholesome ingredients which results in a smooth texture and taste that truly defines what digestive health should taste like. At DAH!, we believe that you shouldn’t have to sacrifice taste for health, which is why all of our gut healthy products taste amazing.

“The brand, including founders JD Sethi and Ajeet Burns, is thrilled to welcome Padma Lakshmi to DAH! as Board Advisor & Brand Partner. Her expertise, passion and knowledge bring an extraordinary skill set to the brand. Our partnership is a perfectly organic, exciting alignment!”- Team DAH!

“I’ve talked to the founders a lot about how they make their yogurt and why they’re so passionate about it being done in a particular way. That struck home to me. I thought, these are folks who care just as much as I do about the food they’re producing and the product they’re sharing.” – Padma Lakshmi

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