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Cura Collective Takes Aim at Creating Equality and Prosperity

Cura Collective Takes Aim at Creating Equality and Prosperity with Visionary Empowerment women-led Initiatives

New York City-based non-profit partners with local communities to address issues and advocate change. Prominently making waves on the forefront of life-changing advocacy work is New York city-based non-profit, The Cura Collective.

“Cura” translates simply to “care” and the empowering meaning represents a unique opportunity for the making of systematic change in America today. Such lofty goals were born at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.. A trio of friends, Lizzie Asher, Casey Kohlberg and Laura Day-Webb, recognized the dire needed that faced all of us, and more acutely the frontline workers. Cura began as a vehicle to help those who had once saved the lives of both Lizzie Asher and Laura Day-Webb. Their aim was to assist the overwhelmed nurses, technicians and doctors facing the ravages of the virus. However, they wanted to not simply provide for hospital workers but to do so in a way that could help the rest of the surrounding community. Cura launched a program to help direct funds they raised to restaurants and keep them open preparing warm meals for frontline workers thus providing an economic safety net for restaurant workers.

Now, in 2023, the non-profit is dedicated to rolling out its Women’s Initiative. As the founders discussed the next phase of the evolution of the organization, they realized that all the touch points with all the various organizations with whom they had worked had been women. It had been women at every intersection that had led to expansion of meals, expansion geographically and expansion of purpose. Hence, Cura is aiming to amplify the voices of other women leaders as well as undertake women-centered causes.

Principally amongst those is the Voluntary Intoxication Loophole. The group is committed to raising much needed awareness to this safety issue that impacts women and the LBGQT+ community. Currently, in New York State, rape laws state that if a victim became intoxicated on their own and is later assaulted, then that willing intoxication is equated with consent. This means that the attacker cannot be charged with rape as the rape laws do not apply. This legal loophole means assaulter’s walk free since New York State continues to place blame of the attack on the victims.

Currently, Cura has programmed educational events on this issue during the Spring as the state legislature is considering revising the language to be able to provide legal recourse to victims. Bill S.4555 has been introduced by State Sen Fernandez for consideration.. This Bill has had a history of gaining sponsorship, but for years it has languished, failing to be adopted and sent to the Governor for signature for it to become law.  At the moment, Cura is promoting a petition to correct this egregious loophole.  Cura is aware that this is the state of the law not just in New York State but across 37 other states in the country, surprisingly states such as North Carolina and Arkansas have far more progressive laws than New York.

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About: Cura Collective’s Board Members

Lizzie Asher – After graduating from Harvard Law School, Lizzie Asher worked at a premiere New York law firm specializing in corporate law. Today Lizzie is the President of Macchu Pisco LLC, a woman-owned and operated spirits company that was the first such company to implement fair trade standards in the Pisco Valley of Peru. Lizzie also serves on the Board of Save Venice and chairs the endowment she and her husband created at City Squash, a non-profit working with Latino children in the Bronx. Equally close to her heart is Lizzie’s contribution as a board member of Columbia Presbyterian’s ECMO Family Advisory Board, where she gives back to the ICU team that brought her back to life following a pulmonary embolism and complete organ failure.

Casey Kohlberg – Casey Kohlberg is a Writer, Producer and Philanthropist based in New York. Casey has worked in a variety of roles across the fashion, media, and film industries, most recently as a video producer, in addition to her philanthropic work. She has written for numerous outlets including Allure, The Evening Standard, Harper’s Bazaar Arabia and is currently working on finishing her first novel and her first screenplay. She serves at the Chair of the Young Friends of Save Venice, and is a member of the Frick Young Fellows steering committee. In addition, she serves as Vice President of the Camalotte Foundation, a private family foundation focusing on arts, education, women’s health and climate change issues.

Laura Day Webb – Laura Day Webb holds a Master’s in Art Business from Sotheby’s Institute of Art and is Director of Programming, Events, and Partnerships for High Line Nine Galleries in Chelsea. In addition, Laura is the Content Manager for Friend of the Artist and Development Officer for Patron Circle and Gifts at The Immigrant Artist Biennial. Alongside her roles, Laura is an independent curator and art consultant whose practice focuses predominantly outside the Western canon on artists who have historically been overlooked and underrepresented. She is Co-Founder of The Royal Versailles Ball, The White Cross Ball, Co-Chair of The Winter Show’s Young Collectors Night, serves on the steering committee for the Young Friends of Save Venice, and is a Board Member of Lewa Wildlife Conservancy.

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