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Lifestyle Expert Pamela Morgan Hosts “Cheers to Summer!” Soiree

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Lifestyle and Entertaining Expert Pamela Morgan of Flirting With Flavors produced her “Cheers to Summer!” soiree at her home in Water Mill, NY with her husband, Michael Trokel.  Displaying her design savvy and culinary expertise as a chef and cookbook author, the party launched the summer 2023 season hot on the heels of her cabaret performance, “A Singular Sensation” in the City earlier in the month. The event was produced by Hank Stamfl of Revel Rouge.

Wendy Federman, Bob Federman
photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Hank Stamfl, Pamela Morganrrphoto by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Jean Shafiroff, Martin Shafiroff, Pamela Morgan

photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Catherine Carey, Pamela Morgan, Bryan Carey

photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Tracy Turco, Catherine Careyrrphoto by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Bill, Ramona Singer
photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Sara Shalanphoto by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Marion Waxman, Samuel Waxman

photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Maria Elena Christensen, Maribel Lieberman

photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Randi Schatz, Robin Cofer, Pamela Morgan, Consuelo Costin, Irish Schwartz, Tracy TurcoConsuelo Costin, Tracy Turco, Jerry Turco

photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Diane Lieberman,  Alan Lieberman

photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Leesa Rowland, Larry Wohl

photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939Michael Trokel, Pamela Morgan

photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939

Notable attendees included: Pamela Morgan, Michael Trokel, Hank Stamfl, Ramona Singer, Jean Shafroff, Colleen and Gary Rein, Maribel Lieberman, Sara Shala, Dr. Samuel Waxman, Marion Waxman, Nicole Miller, Consuelo Vanderbilt, Tracy Turco, Jerry Turco, Wendy Federman, Bill Federman, Catherine Carey, Bryan Carey

Julie Bluestone music
photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939


The outdoor event at the Water Mill estate had a beautiful ambiance. From the cocktails to the exquisite hors d’oeuvres to the live music, everything matched the theme.

photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939

Pamela Morgan’s unique approach to the execution of special events likens to the theatrical production of a Broadway musical. Under Pamela Morgan’s direction, Pamela Morgan Lifestyle provides an ambiance and catering that simply entertains and is enjoyed by guests of all backgrounds.

Kim Taiple, Nicole Miller, Pamela Morgan, guest
photo by Rob Rich/ ©2023 516-676-3939

About: Pamela Morgan

Lifestyle and Entertaining Expert Pamela Morgan is the founder and CEO of Pamela Morgan Lifestyle, her brand that features delicious, lively and engaging cooking, entertaining and travel content across a multitude of channels.

Since the year 2000, Morgan has been at the forefront of creating luxury experiential events and social media and video content, sharing the intimate and connecting language of food and its ability to season and nurture our emotions. Her monthly blog, Flirting with Flavors, her YouTube channel with over 350K views, her newsletter, ebooks, recipes and her cabaret show continue to delight and inform.

For over twenty years Pamela Morgan’s Flirting with Flavors, a special events and culinary company serving both New York City and the Hamptons, has planned and produced the event experience for non-profit charity galas, private gatherings and exclusive events. Morgan is known for her one-of-a-kind private and cooking parties, and special events for loyal clientele and their distinguished guests. Flirting With Flavors is dedicated to entertaining, cooking and creating experiences that inspire.

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