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Sharon Grasso: A Flare for Beauty

By Christine Montanti 


In the world of non-invasive aesthetic treatments, one name that is set apart from the rest is Sharon Grasso: a duly licensed medical micropigmentation artist, skilled licensed aesthetician, and NYS certified clinical instructor. As the visionary owner of Permanent Touch Cosmetics, with over two decades of experience, Sharon Grasso possesses incomparable talent, proficiency, and an extensive list of credentials. This has earned her a powerful name in the world of beauty, catering to the discerning needs of women of all ages in the greater NYC area. 


Sharon is not your average permanent makeup artist by any stretch.  With a comprehensive background in plastic surgery dating back to 1995, she is celebrated for her array of cutting-edge treatments designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin.  Her unique skill in eyebrow replacement and scar correction has garnered her success and acclaim for enhancing the beauty of her clients, and her skill is nothing short of an art form. 


The beauty giant’s catalog of signature treatments and procedures leaves clients’ skin looking years younger and provides an undeniable glow of radiance.  With the aesthetic market oversaturated, oftentimes, clients are finding it confusing which anti-aging treatment to choose.  Sharon understands this concern and offers free consultations outlining her client’s specific goals before scheduling a procedure. This approach ensures clients’ needs are being fully met before they receive their custom-tailored treatment.  Sharon carefully decides what piece of non-invasive technology to use and takes pride in selecting the latest state-of-the-art equipment: Lutronic Aesthetic Laser Technology, Sciton Lasers, Moxi Laser, BBL Hero and more. 


One treatment that is quite remarkable, very comfortable and provides for no lost time is Lutronic Accufit for non-invasive body tightening, strengthening and toning.  This technology is rapidly gaining popularity among consumers and uses muscle activation to build, sculpt and define muscles.  Another favorite is the Moxi Laser offering a safe and effective experience for all skin types.  This non-ablative laser corrects sun damage, dark spots, and aging with no downtime leaving the appearance of the skin clear and glowing. Broad Band Light (BBL) is also extremely popular and uses intense pulsed light technology to target a range of skin imperfections whether it be age spots, sun damage, redness, or uneven pigmentation, BBL effectively corrects these skin issues. 


The undeniable demand of Sharon’s collection of aesthetic treatments results from not only her impressive skill set but also her dedication to the craft. As a member of the American Academy of Micropigmentation, she upholds the highest standards of professionalism and remains at the forefront of the industry continuously seeking out the most effective and transformative treatments available for her clients.  

Sharon’s practice is located in the offices of celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr. Stephen T. Greenberg, of Greenberg Cosmetic Surgery and Dermatology in Woodbury, NYC, and Southampton.  


For an appointment with Permanent Touch Cosmetics Call: 917.734.7378   
Instagram: @permanenttouchcosmetics