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MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW 2023 Winning Artists Announced

Parme Marin Wins Clio for Contemporary Art

Tobi Shinobi and Marco Gallotta Receive Top Honors

from Jury of Collectors


Top 10 Artists Work to be Featured on OUTFRONT Media Billboards


Photo credits: Olivia Olsen


MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW 2023 announced winners of AD ART SHOW 2023 at Powerhouse Arts on October 16, 2023. Top Honors went to Parme Marin for sculptural and mixed media works that exemplify a depth of emotion coupled with explorations of spatial dynamics, using leather, blown glass, wood, paper and other media. Known both for her eponymous fashion line and work for Hermes, she has recently focused on developing her art practice, studying at the Art Students League in New York; and creating works that draw on her technical prowess with a range of materials to create a distinctive artistic point-of-view. She received the Special AD ART SHOW Clio from longtime MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW sponsor – The Clio Awards.


Abstract mixed media photographer Tobi Shinobi and expressionist mixed media artist Marco Gallotta also received top honors from the collectors’ jury. Tobi finds inspiration in social media and his time at Tik Tok. His work is a synthesis of analog & digital, creating an equilibrium that invites the viewer to participate in a dialog with his work. Marco, with his expertise in paper-cutting techniques, drawing, watercolors, and printmaking, creates uniquely layered artworks coveted by celebrated collectors, fashion brands, and major museums.



MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW lead sponsor, OUTFRONT Media is bringing spectacular exposure to the AD ART SHOW artists, featuring the works of Parme Marin, Tobi Shinobi, and Marco Gallotta on the massive Cube Billboard in Times Square. Art created by the remaining top ten will be featured on OUTFRONT Media billboards in: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and Boston—providing grand scale exposure.

The Top Ten MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW 2023 Artists (in first name alphabetical order): ArvoMcK, Azita Panahpour, Daniel Scharfman, David Edward Johnson, John LaMacchia, Leo Macias, Marco Gallotta, Parme Marin, Tobi Shinobi, and Yejun Yoon.

“This year’s group of artists is particularly impressive! Representing nearly 100 vibrant, individual voices in ART. They clearly demonstrate the depth of artistic talent among the dual career artists we celebrate each year during AD ART SHOW and the value of time spent working in commercial art. The Clio for Parme is so well-deserved!  I am also thrilled that AD ART SHOW is partnering with OUTFRONT Media to showcase our winning artists. Art on billboards across the country expresses the significance of creativity in contemporary life and how important it is to provide opportunities for artists to thrive.” said Maria van Vlodrop Founder & CEO, MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW

All the artists participating in AD ART SHOW 2023 were vetted by both the selection committee of art professionals and a jury of contemporary art collectors.

The first-ever, TikTok ART/AD ART SHOW Award goes to the winner of the Tik Tok video contest: Dave Arredondo

The AD ART SHOW Rising Artist Award goes to the emerging artist best representing the MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW’s celebration of dual career artists, exemplifying the synergy between creativity in ART and creativity in Advertising, awarded to: Andersen Cupid

The MvVO ART Champion of ART Award goes to a supporter of the MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW mission of celebrating creativity and bridging the worlds of ART and Advertising, awarded to Laura Maness, Global CEO of Grey Group.

Artworks by participating artists are available to purchase on MvVO ART’s Artsy Gallery:

Thank you to all MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW 2023 partner and sponsors for supporting the show. These include: TIME, Powerhouse Arts, Luther Print Shop, Clio Awards, OUTFRONT Media, Google Pixel, Grey Advertising, TikTok, Omnicom, WPP, Advertising Week, BIG ADS NYC, EMS Group Fine Art Services, Pepsi and Michelob Ultra. MvVO ART is also a proud supporter of Franklin Furnace, Art & Hope, Artistic Dreams International and BGCC (Bad Girl Creative Club).


Since its launch at Sotheby’s in 2018, the MvVO ART/AD ART SHOW has been instrumental in acquainting art enthusiasts, collectors, curators, gallerists, and critics with the skilled fine artists hailing from the advertising sector. Curated by a panel of contemporary art experts, participants are selected annually, with collector-driven jury panels determining prize recipients. MvVO ART continues to provide unwavering support to featured artists, offering a dedicated Artsy gallery page for art purchase.

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