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Animal Surgical Center & NYC Second Chance Rescue Hosts Saving Lives Through Spay & Neuter Event with Dr. Tomas Infernuso DVM, DACVS


Photo credits: Vital Agibalow


On January 21st, 2024, Animal Surgical Center and NYC Second Chance Rescue hosted a special one-day event, “Saving Lives through Spay & Neuter.”



Veterinarian Dr. Tomas Infernuso, DVM DACVS, Spearheaded the Life-Saving Surgery Day at the Animal Surgical Center in Oceanside, NY. Free spay and neuter services were offered to rescue organizations.



“As a dedicated veterinary surgeon, I’ve witnessed firsthand the heartbreaking consequences of the overpopulation crisis of unwanted cats and dogs in our community. I aimed to contribute my skills to the cause and vision of saving lives and preventing more animals from being born into uncertain futures. Our shared commitment to animal welfare drives us to take action and positively impact our community.” -Dr. Tomas Infernuso



The day was organized by NYC Second Chance’s President and Founder, Jennifer Brooks, Vice President Lisa Rose, and volunteers Jodi Friedman and Gillian Derry.



“We are in a terrible overpopulation crisis of unwanted cats and dogs. The root of this crisis is the lack of affordable, accessible spaying and neutering services for individuals and rescues and shelters. Spaying/ neutering saves lives and prevents more unwanted animals from being born.” Jennifer Brooks, President & Founder of NYC Second Chance Rescue.



Through these efforts, 36 dogs were spayed and neutered. Thank you to Dr. Tomas Infernuso and the entire staff at Animal Surgical Center for your tireless efforts, passion, and commitment to the well-being of animals. You are a beacon of hope for our community and a guardian angel for our furry companions.



About NYC Second Chance Rescue:

NYC Second Chance Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded in 2009. With the generous contributions of their dedicated community of donors and supporters, they have successfully saved over 14,000 lives from an unimaginable fate. The primary focus of NYC Second Chance Rescue is on large breed dogs and animals in need of critical, life-saving care, as these two categories represent the majority of euthanasias in the United States. Nine out of ten animals that enter NYC Second Chance Rescue were initially slated for euthanasia at municipal shelters. Through their foster care system and brick-and-mortar shelter, they provide comprehensive medical care and a nurturing, secure sanctuary for all pets.

To adopt, foster, donate or volunteer visit save lives and join our team!

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