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Celebrate National Margarita Day with El Cristiano, the World’s Most Delicious Tequila

In honor of National Margarita Day, please see two of El Cristiano Tequila’s signature margarita recipes — using their award-winning Silver variety — Classic and Spicy!!! 

El Cristiano is the world’s most delicious and additive-free tequila, made by third-generation master tequila makers, from the finest Jalisco highlands blue agave. It is available at retailers such as Total Wines & More, Pink Dot, and Ralph’s, among hundreds of other liquor stores and specialty shops (Store locator on website), as well as delivery apps. So indulge in a delicious, additive-free margarita at home for National Margarita Day, or hit one of their signature venue partners such as The Hideaway Beverly Hills, Nobu Malibu, Margot Rooftop, Fleur Room LA, Cold Shoulder, Hotel Ziggy, Waldorf Astoria Beverly Hills, The Wynn Las Vegas, Resorts World Las Vegas, Wally’s, Ambra, Javier’s, Santa Monica Proper, Delilah, and MANY more!!! The best part of El Cristiano, is no hangover, pure delicious taste, and no burn! With over 30 awards to date in only two years, their taste and quality speaks for itself. Tonight El Cristiano is also hosting a mixology event at The Godfrey Hotel in Hollywood, to celebrate the annual tequila holiday!

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El Cristiano was conceived by a small group of friends with a passion for tequila and Mexico. With over four decades of experience in the tequila industry.   

El Cristiano is dedicated to making pure tequila with no additives (95% of tequila today has sugars or thickeners added). With a high focus on harvesting only mature agave that is aged at least 6 years and of certain size we have eliminated any need of additives that change the true essence of 100% highlands blue weber agave.

85% of all tequila brands add either sugar, flavor and color or all of them to make their tequila taste better to their customer. Our traditional process is one that has been perfected over generations with zero additives and absolutely no compromise or shortcut!!!!

Signature Margarita Recipes below!

El Cristiano Silver Margarita

El Cristiano Silver 1.5 oz

Fresh Lime Juice 1 oz
Orange Curacao .75 oz 

Classic Salt Rim, Lime Wheel

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El Cristiano Spicy Margarita 

El Cristiano Silver 2 oz

Fresh Lime Juice 1 oz

Orange Liqueur .5 oz

Organic Agave Syrup .5 oz

Tajin Rim, Lime Wedge, Seedless Jalapeno Slice  

*Reposado can also be used in the Margaritas, especially the Spicy Marg

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