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Alexandra Christina Vino: Actress, Producer, Director

“When Alexandra was posing in the Anna Gupta Swan Dress, she transcended time and space, and became a movie star of Hollywood’s Golden Era. She is one of the most authentic artists I’ve worked with.”

Aaron Gomez, owner of AGFashion Club


Alexandra Christina Vino has graciously shared her latest photoshoot at Mary Pickford’s house in Hollywood. “Thanks to Aaron Gomez, my glamorous stylist, who has a studio in this historical building and to photographer Christopher Myers, I am happily sharing this unique shoot that is close to my heart,” said Vino.



Vino currently has a few films she is preparing to shoot. She has written, directed, and produced seven films since 2016, and she has won awards from The Monaco International Film Festival, LA Film Festival, Manhattan Film Festival, and The Paris Independent Film Festival, to name a few. Vino has worked as an actress in over 40 major movies and shows before becoming a filmmaker. We are excited to see more of the films she makes, and we look forward to her first Hamptons Film Festival as an auteur.

I sat down with Vino to talk about her career.



What is your connection to the Hamptons?

Nature has a big impact on connecting me to my deepest emotions and that’s why I love coming out East. I have been coming to the Hamptons since childhood. I certainly understand why so many famous artists were creating here, including Jackson Pollock, who painted Lavender Mist in his Springs studio and John Steinbeck, who wrote The Winter of Our Discontent in Sag Harbor. The beautiful light out East makes my creative internal light switch on.


Tell me something about what inspires your creativity?

All of my work comes from love. Whenever I’m in a stunning location, or in love with someone or some experience, that’s when I’m inspired to write. I channel this deeper human emotion and do my best to allow this to flow. That’s how I started writing and directing films. My first one was in 2016, Consult and Conquer.


What is your vision as an artist?

My mission as an artist is to heal with empathy and understanding in a world that can seem very rigid. I am constantly discovering new paths to enlightenment. The way I can see into the soul is from many years of working in sensory and dissecting our beautiful minds. All for the greater good of the work.”


Do you take a particular approach to acting?

Studying The Method at The Actors Studio for so long has shaped me as a person and as an artist.